Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Obama's start shilling

Michelle shows up in a PETA van and an ad touting fur-free--and it wasn't the wax and honey version!

Meanwhile BO shows up in Times Square!

Can't they wait until they get out of the White House before they start shilling?

Its only three more years!


Anonymous said...

how big will the friday payroll data be?

with your projection of 1400 bu mid that the top and we pull back significantly? thanks

Palmoni said...

historically the labor department has always had negative revisions to data--but the last seven month sit was different

April-539K, revised to -519K
May -345K, revised -303K
June -467K revised -463K
July -247K revised -304K
Aug -216K revised -154K
Sep -263K revised -139K
Oct -190K revised -111K
Nov -11K

Thus Nov should be revised +tive,
December--the non Christmas layoffs, and the additional Census workers--I'm dismissing the ADP 84,000 job number today, because the ADP OVERSTATED job losses by 85,000 per month the last six months

Therefore ADP tells me we have job growth

I think December will have a positive print of at least 44,000 jobs, and it could be much more

why? The December announced layoff figures were only 45,094 jobs

Anonymous said...

Talking historically, the economy should have CREATED 2 million jobs at this point in the so called recovery. The numbers are such fiction its laughable anyways. Birth death modeling and especially the small business creation, which is a out and out guess. With the freeze out of credit to small businesses, you can count on that being way optimistic.

That some report might finally show a tiny positive is hardly a reason to party. After all, you're only 1,950,000 short of historical recovery jobs.

But, if thats all it'll take to achieve happy hour, good for ya.

Anonymous said...

how will this affect gold?

palmoni said...

You don't need much to keep the party going. Look at another favorite short SHLD up 13--profitability.

Remember the short story? They weren't modernizing the stores, no selection, bad real estate locations..

same with the jobs number--all these people saying we'll have an 8% unemployment rate until 2020--ckeck out Moody's latest.. are just stupid we'll have an 8 handle this year