Thursday, January 28, 2010

American Apparel's new ad campaign--The search for the best bottom

We're looking for a brand new bum (the best in the world!) to be the new "face" for our always expanding intimates and briefs lines. The winners will be flown to LA, photographed and featured online. Send in a photo of your backside wearing our panties, bodysuits or briefs for consideration and vote for your personal favorites.

You must be 18 years of age or older to enter. Submit your photo(s) between January 28, 2010, and February 21, 2010. Two winners - selected by American Apparel judges - will be eligible to be our next butt model. The top ten contestants, as voted on by the public, will receive a grab bag of American Apparel items valued at $300.

Look for all kinds of 80's porn style pictures posted on their website.


Anonymous said...

Hi! Nice idea, but will this really work?

The Coolest Cool said...

Great campaign all around - After looking at it not only am I pleased with the submissions but also the hype and promotion surrounding it. I do think they missed a huge opportunity on the social media side of things but ultimately a great campaign.