Thursday, March 6, 2014

Whitney Tilson gets behind SODA

Noted shortseller Tilson now says Sodastream, SODA at 41 and change isn't a fad, comparing its potential to a NFLX or GGP since people love the product (a soda for your cocktail to go with your movies and malls).

Recluse makes nuclear reactor

Upskirt photos are legal says Massachusetts high court

(CNN) -- Massachusetts' highest court ruled Wednesday that it is not illegal to secretly photograph underneath a person's clothing -- a practice known as "upskirting" -- prompting one prosecutor to call for a revision of state law.

 The high court ruled that the practice did not violate the law because the women who were photographed while riding Boston public transportation were not nude or partially nude.

 "A female passenger on a MBTA trolley who is wearing a skirt, dress, or the like covering these parts of her body is not a person who is 'partially nude,' no matter what is or is not underneath the skirt by way of underwear or other clothing," wrote Justice Margot Botsford of the state Supreme Judicial Court.

Upskirts are legal which means down markets will be banned next! Or allowing the taxpayer to see if there's any gold!  You can't touch that!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Facebook's Drone Purchase

These solar power drones can stay in the air for 5 years. And they will start in Africa. Titan's website is here. And from that:

Titan Aerospace’s SOLARA Platforms Capable of Supporting Wide Range of Voice and Data Communications
  • Range extension of line of sight communication systems
  • Range extension of line of sight data transmission systems
  • Supports VHF, UHF, and microwave frequencies

 Facebook will use these to compete with Google's Project Loon!

Yes Loons. As in hot air balloons.

Facebook is trying to out hustle Google, by giving the internet to the world, before Google can blow up their balloons.
(image courtesy of Colonel Flick)

And it's cheaper than laying undersea cables that the NSA can spy on.

And it only cost $60 million to start.

Which is the next step in making What's App worth the $19 billion Facebook will have paid!

Peregrine Pharmaceuticals (PPHM) pops to $2.82

Earnings in two days and then below:

Maybe now it will soar. (That's the Peregrine Falcon, the fastest moving creature on earth--Its here for a reason! It's only the first day up!)

CONFERENCE: IMMUNE EVOLUTION IN CANCER Plenary Talk: Phosphatidylserine-Targeting Antibodies Induce M1 Macrophage Polarization, Promote Myeloid Derived Suppressor Cell Differentiation and Boost Tumor-Specific Immunity
Presenter: Xianming Huang, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Hamon Center for Therapeutic Oncology, Pharmacology, Simmons Comprehensive Cancer Center University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas, Texas
Date: Wednesday, March 12, 2014
Time: 2:30 P.M. - 4:30 P.M. Pacific Time
Workshop: #3: Immune Suppressive Myeloid Cells
Location: MacDonald DEF Room, Fairmont Chateau Whistler, Whistler, British Columbia, Canada

CONFERENCE: IMMUNE EVOLUTION IN CANCERTitle: Phosphatidylserine Targeting Antibodies Enhance the Activity of Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors in Tumors
Presenter: Bruce Freimark, Ph.D., Director of Pre-Clinical Research Oncology, Peregrine Pharmaceuticals
Poster: Poster Session 1 - Poster 1029
Date: Monday, March 10, 2014
Viewing: 1:00 P.M. - 10:00 P.M. Pacific Time
Presentation: 7:30 P.M. - 10:00 P.M. Pacific Time
Location: Frontenac Ballroom and Foyer - Fairmont Chateau Whistler, Whistler, British Columbia, Canada
CONFERENCE: HIV PATHOGENESIS VIRUS VERSUS HOST Title: Phosphatidylserine-Targeting Antibody Triggers B-Chemokine Release from Monocytes by Cell-Cell Crosslinking and is a Potent Inhibitor of HIV-1 In Vitro
Presenter: Cyril Empig, Ph.D., Associate Director, Pre-Clinical Research Infectious Disease, Peregrine Pharmaceuticals
Poster: Poster Session 3 - Poster 3020
Date: Wednesday, March 12, 2014
Viewing: 1:00 P.M. - 10:00 P.M. Mountain Time
Presentation: 7:30 P.M. - 10:00 P.M. Mountain Time
Location: Mezzanine 2 - Fairmont Banff Springs, Alberta, Canada
About Bavituximab: A Targeted ImmunotherapyBavituximab is a first-in-class phosphatidylserine (PS)-targeting monoclonal antibody that represents a new approach to treating cancer. PS is a highly immunosuppressive molecule usually located inside the membrane of healthy cells, but "flips" and becomes exposed on the outside of cells that line tumor blood vessels, creating a specific target for anti-cancer treatments. PS-targeting antibodies target and bind to PS and block this immunosuppressive signal, thereby enabling the immune system to recognize and fight the tumor. These data detailing the immune-stimulatory mechanism of action of PS-targeting antibodies, such as the company's lead drug candidate bavituximab, are the subject of a manuscript published in the October 2013 issue of the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) peer-reviewed journal, Cancer Immunology Research. Bavituximab is currently being evaluated in several solid tumor indications, including non-small cell lung cancer, breast cancer, liver cancer and rectal cancer with a trial in advanced melanoma anticipated to initiate in the near future.

Huvrtech Huvverboards

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Found Gold Coin Hoard is really Stolen Mint Coins?

So a couple, after finding $10 million worth of gold coins, will probably now have to give up their find.


In 1900, $30,000 of gold coins were stolen from the San Francisco Mint.

The cans of gold coins held $27,000 worth of face value gold.

Now one of the coins, of the so-called "Saddle Ridge Hoard" was an 1866 Gold $20 coin, WITHOUT the motto "In God We Trust" on it.

That coin, was probably created at the San Francisco Mint as a rarity for a mint worker. An inside job. The S, on the coin stands for San Francisco.

Looks like the motto for this story is, "No God, No Gold!"

Barron's touts the Fuel Cell stocks (They must of read my story 7 hours earlier!)

Tesla: First We Take Manhattan, Then We Take Berlin

Tesla Motors (TSLA) inexorable rise continues today, thanks to an expansion in Europe and some positive comments from Morgan Stanley. But the real beneficiaries have been
batteryfuel-cell makers like FuelCell Energy (FCEL), Plug Power (PLUG) and Ballard Power Systems (BLDP).
First up: Tesla’s European expansion. FromTesla’s press release:
In order to serve a growing customer base in Europe, Tesla will open more than 30 new service centers and stores across the continent, the company announced today at the Geneva Motor Show. Tesla will also continue rapidly expanding its Supercharger network, allowing Model S drivers to travel long distances across Europe for free.
The retail, service, and Supercharger expansions come as Tesla dials up its commitment to Europe, which continues to be a priority market for the company.
Morgan Stanley’s Stephen Byrd and team believe Tesla’s big move in batteries could be bad news for utilities. They explain:
Our analysis suggests utility customers may be positioned to eliminate their use of the power grid. Tesla Motors plans to build a “Gigafactory” for battery production on an unheard-of scale. That news, coupled with ongoing cost/efficiency improvements in distributed generation, prompted our state-by-state analysis of potential implications for the utilities.
A transition to off-grid power would benefit Tesla and SunEdison (SUNE). We expect Tesla’s batteries to be cost competitive with the grid in many states, and think investors generally do not appreciate the potential size of the market.
Shares of Tesla have gained 2.4% to $256.48 at 10:41 a.m., while SunEdison has jumped 11% to $20.79, FuelCell Energy has surged 23% to $2.66, Plug Power has spiked 19% to $6.90 and Ballard Power Systems is up a whopping 24% at $5.25.

On the 5th anniversary off the 666 bottom, Bill Gross gets bullish

Since five years ago Bill Gross thought Armageddon was around the corner, I guess it is appropriate for him to title his latest bullish screed "The Second Coming."

Maybe Bill didn't read this or this five years ago, but he finally came around! Hah!

His latest:

PIMCO falcons are now turning and turning in the widening gyre with the following assumption: All financial assets are artificially priced if only because the policy rate at the center is artificially low. Historical models of fed funds and other global overnight yields suggest as much as a 2% artificially low yield, even when U.S. tapering is concluded. Importantly, however, these artificial pricings do not lead to the conclusion of current asset“mis”-pricingsAs long as artificially low policy rates persist, then artificially high-priced risk assets are not necessarily mispriced. Low returning, yes, but mispriced? Not necessarily.

Now I've critiqued Bill Gross and El-Erian from Pimco since the March 9, 2009 BOTTOM in stocks, while they warned us continually to stay out of stocks...

All the while making up nonsense charts that will support the drivel what they say!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

PIMCO gets out the Madden telestrator

There you go again!! Bill Gross is going willy nilly with his telestrator. Here's his latest graph "proving" that the world is going to hell.
Their conclusions are eerily parallel to events of the past 12 months and suggest that PIMCO’s New Normal may as well be described as the “time-tested historical reliable.” These examples tend to confirm that banking crises are followed by a deleveraging of the private sector accompanied by a substitution and escalation of government debt, which in turn slows economic growth and (PIMCO’s thesis) lowers returns on investment and financial assets. The most vulnerable countries in 2010 are shown in PIMCO’s chart “The Ring of Fire.” These red zone countries are ones with the potential for public debt to exceed 90% of GDP within a few years’ time, which would slow GDP by 1% or more. The yellow and green areas are considered to be the most conservative and potentially most solvent, with the potential for higher growth.

That's Bill Gross and his Johnny Cash "Ring of Fire chart" So Billy is staying in cash! And he wants you too.

 Why doesn't he then, go in stocks? Oh that's right. He says stocks will make just 5% a year!

And leave the telestrator for football.

The "Fuel-Cell" stocks trifecta

Ever since Tesla announced its $5 billion battery plant, the market has awoken to the battery stocks.  Tesla raised $2 billion in a convertible deal, and another $1 billion from Panasonic-so forward thinkers assume this area has growth.

Plug Power (PLUG 5.82) has been ramping, since it raised $30 million from a single investor in January. It has a market cap of $600 million, and just announced a tripling of its contract with Walmart for fuel cells for forklifts.

Back in January, Plug also announced a lithium-ion battery deal with Fed-Ex so Plug has room for expansion outside of material handling.

Ballard Power (BLDP 4.23) has a market cap of about $460 million.

Their "real" growth has been in Telecom back power fuel cells, and they partner with PLUG in material handling, and they are working on a 25 bus pilot program for fuel cells for buses.

Fuel Cell (FCEL 2.17) has a market cap of $450 million. Here is their latest presentation.

You can read that, or you can look at this picture.

Is that what the Mr. Market wants? Fuel Cells in plants? Doesn't Mr. Market want "batteries?"

PLUG and BLDP are being swapped back and forth between every day trading and HFT shop; and they have momentum, and they are still fairly easy to trade.

Which means they have to spike some more, so they can start shaking these stocks out again!

Monday, March 3, 2014

Walmart's new "Wave" semi

Walmart has been hit by the end of extended unemployment benefits, so they are looking to make up the margins on increased fuel efficiency!

So this is what you will eventually see at your neighborhood Walmart.

It will help keeps your eyes off of this when your shopping the aisles at Walmart!

Buy Twitter here at 53!!

Twitter at 53 needs to be bought here.  The insider selling that is supposed to have materialized by now, has either been eaten up by Mr. Market, or it has been short into by the same shortsellers, (who probably told you Tesla was a sale at 55--and still haven't covered yet!!) who are waiting for the selling so they can cover their shorts!

Buy it here on the Ukraine dip!!
In other news, Twitter bought this old cabin, and hauled it to Twitter headquarters in San Francisco, to make the new dining room out of reclaimed wood. Twitter is hoping that this will "humanize" the tech company, and maybe help squelch the complaints from those in the city who are complaining about the tax breaks Twitter has gotten.

But speaking of the Oscars--- for the Best Picture....

Here is the original story in the NY Times back in 1858