Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Kindle royalties to double for authors

Amazon is feeling the heat. So today they announced "a new royalty program that will allow authors to earn 70 percent royalties from each e-book sold, but with a catch or two. The move will pay participating authors more per book than they typically earn from physical book sales so long as they agree to certain conditions—conditions that make it clear that Amazon is working on keeping the Kindle attractive in light of upcoming competition."

So a $8.99 book that normally pays a $3.15 royalty, will now pay $6.30!

But Kindle readers are a fickle bunch. Just last week, the book "Game Change" was unavailable on Kindle. So what did Kindle readers do?

They sabotaged the ratings on Amazon for the book, with 1 star reviews!

Here it is on Amazon. It's only two stars. Even though it is a fantastic read!

In fact, the self absorbed Kindle readers, had this beauty thrown at them from VodkaTonic:

Hey Kindle Thugs

I just bought this book from Amazon just to piss you off. Seriously. I was gonna wait for paperback to save some money, but I got so annoyed by all the negative reviews on here by a bunch of self-absorbed, spoiled thugs that I just had to get it now.

Oh no, it's not available for Kindle! Boo hoo. Over 100,000 people just died in an earthquake in Haiti. The survivors have been and will continue to live in abject poverty. But Harper Collins has apparently made YOUR lives a living hell by making a business decision. Yeah, it's a stupid, greedy business decision but let's not lose perspective here. The proper way to protest this decision would've been to call and email Harper Collins and to post your disgust in the product's forum on this and other sites as well as in your own blogs, facebook, etc. By negatively reviewing the book, you are only making it harder for non-Kindle owners to make a buying decision. Most people aren't going to sift through all of the one-star reviews to find out they are b.s. They are going to look at the average score and incorrectly assume that most readers didn't like the book. But who cares about non-Kindle owners, right? You guys are WAY MORE IMPORTANT!


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