Thursday, January 28, 2010

Time for "let's pretend!"

The culmination of let's pretend is being exhibited during tonight's after hour action.

And as usual, it's just juvenile behavior by half coked up traders, trying to make the stocks zig and zag.

As in, let's pretend all the news is baked in.

As in let's pretend, we are going to completely roll over.

As in let's pretend, because prices have come down, now they are going lower!

Let's play let's pretend!

So MSFT comes out with good numbers and they sell the stock down a buck, because heaven forbid, it ain't getting any better.

How did that work out? Wait The stock has already picked up a dollar?

How about AMZN. They reported and the knee jerk reaction was to sell the stock down to 118. Now it's 10 points higher.

What happened to let's pretend?

How about SNDK? They blew numbers away, (and I shorted this number after earnings for this game) and as usual, Eli comes out with a lousy forecast, and the stock trades in the 24's to give a gift to those that laid out the stock today.

I took the gift!!

Wait--Isn't SNDK now 27? What happened?

What happened to the game of let's pretend?

That's it. You've had the end of the correction, and tonight you had the end of the games of let's pretend.

Because reality is that these short games didn't work tonight.

Story-time is over!

No more let's pretend!

It's time to believe the Government's story!

Because they market is the only  golden egg they have!


Anonymous said...

It seems that someone is liquidating their longs and going into cash. The sudden dollar strength is possibly revealing a tightning in global liquidity.

Hey Palmoni, what are your thoughts about Barry's speech last night? The only thing that I was excited about was increasing US trade with Colombia, haha!

Palmoni said...

yeh there has been some selling--way more than the averages--but we should bounce from here.

I missed his speech last night--I was traveling so was out of the loop for a bit--and I haven't even watched it yet

at least one plus tho!

Anonymous said...

what the h-e-double-toothpick are stocks on the ground!, I think it is lack of government confidence, no one can sell a real truth anymore. I tell you America's a wait and see attitude is not going to get you back to our parents generation. Those that move now will be considered 'The mastermind of todays economy' later when history tells the truth not the politicians will we look back and see when this sites get it's page in as Salinger would of wrote it