Monday, January 25, 2010

The Favre clock starts...again!

"I know people are rolling their eyes or will roll their eyes," Favre said of his decision to return. "In a situation like this, I really don't want to make a decision right now based solely on what happened."

"I just wonder if I can hold up, especially after a day like today," he said. "Physically and emotionally, that was pretty draining."I am going to go home and talk it over with the family."


Anonymous said...

Uh Oh.

Glenn Neely says:

"The relentless, almost illogical advance of the past 10 months is coming to an end. This pending top will be followed by a significant 3- to 6-month decline, retracing 60 to 90% of the 2009 rally."

Palmoni said...

There's a difference between Father Time and a stopped clock!!

Palmoni said...

to wit last June he said this

"Technically speaking, according to NEoWave a correction began at last October's low; the March-June rally is the final leg of that correction," Neely explains. "The March-June rally is now ending, allowing the bear market to resume. During the next six months, the S&P will decline 50% or more, breaking well below 500!" Currently, the S&P is hovering around 917.

Anonymous said...

as i predicted in these pages Favre will throw critical interceptions and he did just like i touted! Bha-bha-bha! If he plays one more season he will be taken out on a stretcher. Thats my prediction, touted on these pages, as advertised! touted...

Anonymous said...

Market sure looks shaky here.

Any predictions for the week?

Anonymous said...

While Brett had made the throw of a lifetime... his offense had difficulty holding the ball! Petersen fumbled the season away... I'm shocked the game was as close as it was.

Any predictions between Saints vs. Colts? I'd like to see Reggie Bush(USC's BEST) win his first superbowl, but that Vikings lost left an aftertaste in my mouth! I'd hate to see Manning win again since he is such a douche in the TV commercials...

Hey Palmoni, you going to throw up a posting on the Colombian co. or are you waiting for something else to happen before mentioning it again? I know I'm probably bugging you on it, but I'd like to see more maps :D

Palmoni said...

Give me a few days after I have the PPM

Palmoni said...

anon--You advertised Favre correctly--I just couldn't believe that it would happen again on the last play

that's the football gods--they're fair

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