Tuesday, January 26, 2010

PIMCO gets out the Madden telestrator

There you go again!! Bill Gross is going willy nilly with his telestrator. Here's his latest graph "proving" that the world is going to hell.

Their conclusions are eerily parallel to events of the past 12 months and suggest that PIMCO’s New Normal may as well be described as the “time-tested historical reliable.” These examples tend to confirm that banking crises are followed by a deleveraging of the private sector accompanied by a substitution and escalation of government debt, which in turn slows economic growth and (PIMCO’s thesis) lowers returns on investment and financial assets. The most vulnerable countries in 2010 are shown in PIMCO’s chart “The Ring of Fire.” These red zone countries are ones with the potential for public debt to exceed 90% of GDP within a few years’ time, which would slow GDP by 1% or more. The yellow and green areas are considered to be the most conservative and potentially most solvent, with the potential for higher growth.

That's Bill Gross and his Johnny Cash "Ring of Fire chart" So Billy is staying in cash! And he wants you too.

 Why doesn't he then, go in stocks? Oh that's right. He says stocks will make just 5% a year!

And leave the telestrator for football.


Because his charts, still won't make you dick!


Anonymous said...

Love the picture... the first one of course!

palmoni said...


Anonymous said...

Time to liquidate longs, and at least step to the sidelines.. Market is discounting good news. Plus, Starting strong and finishing weak is a sign of a downtrend.

Any idea why financials are getting hammered?

Anonymous said...

This market feels like Nov '08 - Feb '09. Any good day was sold off at the close because of fear, and Fridays were a no-no after the morning. Right now, the only way you can win on earnings is with stocks with a decent short ratio. IBM, Intel, TXN, GOOG...good numbers and then a sell-off. EMC & VMW today, good numbers and a pop...I guess because of the short covering, but who knows. Not a lot making sense right now.

Anonymous said...

how adolescent. really. like beavis and butthead seeing genitalia and lewdness in every image and word. grow up.

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