Saturday, June 15, 2019

Ronald Wayne's April Fool's Mistake

April 1, 1976 was when Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne signed a partnership agreement for Apple Computer.

Ronald Wayne drew the first Apple logo, drew up the partnership agreement and the manual. He had a 10% share in the company. He also quit after 12 days. And he sold his shares back for $800. Today those shares are worth $90 BILLION.

Steve Jobs then went to work. and designed the new logo.

The biblical bite of the Apple.  And the first computer was $666.66.  You can see the logo of Ronald Wayne on the bottom left hand side of the page.

So the next time, you hear your significant other complaining about "sitting around and waiting for you" remind her of Ronald Wayne. Who sold $90 billion of Apple stock for $800.00

Because she's not really sitting around.

No matter how much she doth protest.