Monday, January 18, 2010

Obama pulls out all the stops for Martha Coakley

Let's just hope the O-Train gets derailed by the tornado of public opinion turning against Washington!


whydibuy said...

thats a great video. awesome power of nature in action.

Anonymous said...

A Brown win would be nice but it will NOT stop the runaway HC train .Democrats are already looking for ways to quickly pass "any bill" and make changes to any re-vote would only require a majority .Basicly telling the voters your vote won't do squat to stop us !

Palmoni said...

I saw that--but would the public really buy that maneuver?

whydibuy said...

No way.

Not if the politician wants to be reelected in the fall.

Obama went from the middle to way left of center politically. He believed his own hype.
But any governance away from center will bring repercussions.

I see Obama either getting more to the center or becoming ineffective. Democrats seeing even a seat in taxachussetts is not safe with far left politics. They will now distance themselves from the far left stuff to protect themselves from voter revolt in the fall.

Healthcare is dead.