Wednesday, October 24, 2012

ZNGA rocks after earnings! Better revenue and big buyback!

So ZNGA announces a $200 million buyback, and revenue of $317 million versus street expectations of $255.

So the stock trades up +20% tomorrow.

So you get Free Money, on an easy trade!

And the prices the stock saw today, will never be seen again, as the low today, will be the lows forever!

ZNGA to launch real money gaming platform

Zynga is announcing a real-money gaming partnership today, which it likely is hoping to distract from its third-quarter earnings report that we know already will be pretty grim.

Zynga said it is forming an exclusive partnership with, a real-money gaming operator. This marks the company’s first move into real-money from the funny-money gaming its used to hosting on Facebook, through games like Poker.

That is gambling, my friends. A gambling platform.

OK--so now, once again, who were the idiots that sold ZNGA down because they were worried about earnings?????

Once again, Wall Street is giving away Free Money, but it isn't for the sheeple, muppets, or the tyoical Wall Street wimp who needs a line in the bathroom to buy him some courage. 

Just grow a pair and buy the stocks when they are cheap and quit worrying about the next 3 cents if it moves against you!

So you get two cents worth of free advice, that will remind you to grow a pair.

Even if there isn't one on ZNGA's dog!


ZNGA reports earnings after the close, and the stock at $2.18 reflects only the value of the cash on hand and the $220 million headquarters owned outright.

The $900 million of revenue? Wall Street is valuing it as a liability.

So what.

Wall Street is wrong.

You need to buy ZNGA at this price, which is the equivalent of buying Apple when it was 3, (split adjusted) and selling for only the cash on hand.

You have the same opportunity here. But Wall Street, as always, is afraid of its own shadow, and most people on Wall Street, are so timid and fearful, they can't think for themselves.

Facebook already announced that ZNGA's revenue percentage is already down, so who cares?

Steve Jobs was known as a mercurial CEO.  Of course, Steve Jobs hung out with Larry Ellison, while Wall Street thinks Mr. Pincus would probably be more comfortable with Mike Jeffries and his Gulfstream G550 attendants, so the boys club on Wall Street whacks the stock even more.

As I said before, Wall Street is wrong.

Now what did the Guardian say about ZNGA on October 5, when they pre-announced lower numbers?

Oh that's right--I forgot--this is a Wall Street crowd. You need to spell it out.

"In a blogpost, Mark Pincus, the mercurial billionaire who is chief executive....."


So what is my target on ZNGA?

A double, and then another!

Facebook pops! Barron's wrong again! As Advertised!!!!

It was just 30 days ago, that I said you need to buy Facebook on the Barron's cover story slam.

Whatever happened to that?????

Anyone remember that????

Here's a reminder!!!

What happened???

Facebook is almost $25, and you have the BIGGEST MOVE UP EVER in Facebook's public history today!

Once again, Free Money!!!

Monday, October 8, 2012