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Thursday, November 20, 2014

ESPN reporter mocks FSU shooting blaming it on Jameis

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Whatever--Another pathetic loser ESPN reporter--from Crimsom Tide country no less!

Friday, November 14, 2014

US Mint to resume allocated Silver Eagle sales on Monday

The markup is $2 over spot, plus whatever the dealer wants to charge you. In other words, it will be the last time you will get physical silver Eagles under $19.

This sell-off, like everything else on Wall Street, is just another paper sale farce.

When Apple, (now $800) was under $400, you heard the same nonsense--You hear it in Twitter under $40, you heard it two months ago when Whole Foods was $38.

And yesterday, you saw the folly of Wall Street, whereby P&G sold Duracell to Warren Buffett--as cash flow boring business, that the nitwits on Wall Street don't want.

As for me, I'm buying some physical silver , as I have been advertising with spot around $16.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Pelosi: I'm not an Old Bag

Since Pelosi can't pull out the race card, she pulled out the age card, as this out of touch House Minority Speaker said-

 "I don’t understand why that question should even come up. I’m here as long as my members want me to be here, as long as there’s a reason to be here. I’m not here on a schedule, or anything except a a mission to get a job done. … It just is interesting, as a woman to see how many times that question is asked of a woman, and how many times that question is never asked of Mitch McConnell."

 Jeez. Excuses for everything!

World's Tallest vs. World's Shortest Man

The FBI's blackmail letter to Martin Luther King Jr.

Buffett buys Duracell with PG stock swap

Proctor & Gamble was advised by Wall Street to shed their lower margin battery business--the business that has been shopped and bought a couple of times previously by private equity before Gillette bought it.

This time, Warren Buffett took it.  Why not? He swapped Berkshire's 52.8 million shares of P&G for the business. And P& G threw in $1.8 billion of cash!

Wall Street thinks that no-one needs non-rechargeable batteries because of smartphones.

So what does that mean--that Christmas toys won't run on batteries?  Which is why Buffett bought Duracell.

When Buffett bought Burlington Northern 5 years ago for $27 billion, Wall Street thought he paid too much.  5 years later, Burlington Northern has already earned back $27 billion.

Now Wall Street will tell you that Burlington was only able to make that much money, because the Keystone Pipeline wasn't approved, and that Nebraska stood in its way, and therefore Burlington profited by shipping oil on rails.

Of course, Wall Street won't tell you that Burlington spent $4 billion lat year on Capex, so they can continue to make their own fortune.

Now it will be the same as Duracell.

It will be a brand that will be around for ever-a perfect company for his portfolio.

And five years later, when it pays for itself, Wall Street will have another excuse!