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Monday, October 20, 2014

Apple on deck for earnings--Stock should trade up to 107.

Forget Wall Street. AAPL is supply-constrained--The stock is going higher.  Buy it before they report!

Heck, I gave you the bottom in the pre-market in IBM this morning; now you get free manna this afternoon with AAPL!

Pick up IBM at $165.50 on the route this morning

Buy Big Blue when its RED!

Last year, IBM spent $14 billion on buybacks, including $6 billion in Q4 alone. In 2013 IBM increased their debt by $6 billion, and cup capex by $500 million.

This morning, IBM announced punk earnings, and they sold their $500 million losing per year microelectronics business, PAYING them $1.5 billion to take it off their hands.

So the market is punishing IBM's creative financing, non-growth, by knocking the stock down $15 dollars to 167.

IBM has just another $1.5 billion left on their stock buyback--IBM now has 990 million shares outstanding--less than 20 years ago, they had $2.5 BILLION shares.  That means at the next Board meeting, IBM will announce another $10 billion plus buyback blah blah blah

So the creeping LBO of IBM continues..That being said, you can buy the stock here at 165.50.

Because the market needs to take a stand on all the creative financing by corporate America, because Lord knows its easier to buy back stock than actually grow sales! Because that's Wall Street's version of "smart.' Financial engineering!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

How's BO doing?

Doesn't even need commenting!!

Jimbo to Jameis postgame "Don't get cranked up here!"

"How about that!!!!"

Who knew that the 'Noles were the Kardiac Kids? And check out Jimbo and Jameis after the game. As Jameis says--"We always rise!"

What a great game!  And once ESPN's "Blame it on Jameis" campaign is really getting lame--Once again FSU played their hearts out--and there are some folks who can't stand a team of destiny--Especially going on two years straight! WOW!!!!

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Noles to crush Irish tonight!

Blame it on Jameis!! Noles to win by 5 touchdowns!!!  Just like Wednesday we had the hand wringers in the stock market, we have the hand wringers on ESPN.  And today, the real players in college football stepped up. Alabama crushed A&M 59-0, and West Virgina whipped pretender #4 Baylor 41-27.

The Irish will get chopped up tonight, as they are over-rated and since the opening game of this season (above) the Noles haven't played a complete game! Tonight that changes!