Friday, December 7, 2012

Take down some Sears at 42, because its going up!!

Sears Holding has been beaten down, and Wall Street will tell you its the next JC Penney etc... The next who, what or where? Are you kidding me?

The next thing just doesn't happen!  After the housing crash, we were told of the next leg down, blah, blah, blah--after the stock market crash we were told another depression and dust bowl were headed our way--blah, blah, blah--And now these same charlatans will tell you there isn't any value in Sears--blah, blah, blah.

So buy it--buy it now, and take it down in SIZE!!!

Why? Real estate, assets, and Wall Street hates it!! Use the excuse that Deckers went from 31 to 42, ANF from 29 to 46--oh wait--they were touted here--so use that as your excuse to buys SHLD at 42!!

And because, since the "keyhole didn't lie--ask Mike or Swami" the tape don't lie either!

Buy it in SIZE as the tape says Eddie is cooking!

Who needs Wall Street insider talk? You can see their fingerprints ALL OVER this number!!

Take it to the house!

Monday, December 3, 2012

Truth in Advertising! Oh My!

So Deckers gets upgraded today and the stock is trading at 42 and change. A 40% move in two weeks!

Two weeks earlier, DECK was touted here at 31.

Now that's truth in advertising!!

This is the easiest market in the world to invest in. Buy your stocks when they come down, and turn off CNBC.  It's not a big trading market--its a market to invest in.

So for gosh sakes, INVEST!

10 weeks ago, when Barron's panned Facebook, and said it was going to 15, I  said take the stock at 20. You now had a 40% move in that number in 10 weeks!

Now that's truth in advertising!

Free money, free picks, and the Feds aren't knocking on your door, wondering where you got the free money from!!!

And now, I'll give you one of the biggest tech stocks that you can buy next, because all the fools omn Wall Street have knocked it down to a good entry point.

It's big, bad and blue!!


Another stock to make the shorts look like fools!

Buy it here at 191!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Meg Whitman blows HP's money

Meg Whitman spent $144 million of her own money running for Governor of California, before losing to Jerry Brown. Look how she looks when she thinks she's going to be Governor.

Before voting for herself for Governor, she hadn't voted in 28 years.

She also was on Mitt's finance team in 2008.

So she left politics to run Hewlett Packard, in September of 2011, after being on Hewlett's board since January of 2011.

The acquisition of Autonomy, closed on October 3, 2011, for $10.2 billion.

When HPQ announced the acquisition of Autonomy, the market reacted by chopping $12 billion of shareholder value instantly from HPQ.

Apparently no one at HPQ understood what that meant.

Today HPQ took a charge of $8.8 billion for the Autonomy acquisition.

So Meg, in 14 months, at the helm of Hewlett Packard, took an $8.8 billion charge on a failed acquisition  and was CEO while HPQ, lost over $30 billion of shareholder money!

In 14 months.

And she wanted to run California????

It still looks that the only beat Meg can do for HPQ, is on her headphones, as she blames her predecessors for the mistakes!

(You know what that means? Her next run is for President!)

The only winner on HPQ?

Jim Chanos.

Monday, November 19, 2012

BO and the PM of Thailand seem to be getting along!

 And the market also gets infatuated with AAPL today as it adds 30 points--which is "As Advertised."

Now once again, bears, tell me why you sold AAPL under $530?

Because you were stupid?

But to commemorate THE END of the pullback in stocks, I decided to pick up some "Bear Artwork" titled "Bear Market" or "Too big to fail."

I always liked irony.

He's an artist in DC, and like Blum buying Warhol, Campell Soup art for $1,000 in 1962--you can pick some of Matt Sesow's art for the same price!

Because artwork, like stock needs to be bought when they are giving it away!

And speaking of giving it away--I picked up some Deckers (DECK 33) at 31--just so the shorts can say "Uggghhh!" like the morons who sold AAPL under 537, or those who sold ANF at 31, or LVS at 37 etc etc...

The Market Selloff is OVER!!!

Friday, November 9, 2012

Buy AAPL at 537 with both hands!!!

Apple has now corrected enough to buy. And I can tell you to buy it here, since I was touting Apple in the high 80s in January of 2009.  Yesterday, Cramer was on television telling you to sell it, because the fate of AAPL rests in the politicians hands, because the tax rate on capital gains is determining the fate of AAPL.

Well, if you believe that, you deserve to lose. Apple's value is not determined by a pundit on television, and AAPL has now corrected to a price that you can sell at the money puts and collect the premium from the Chicken Littles who are afraid of their own shadow.

Oh My--The sky is falling! Not! Unless of course, you follow these pundits predictions!

Because selling AAPL at these prices is just stupid!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Four more years

Four more years.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

ZNGA rocks after earnings! Better revenue and big buyback!

So ZNGA announces a $200 million buyback, and revenue of $317 million versus street expectations of $255.

So the stock trades up +20% tomorrow.

So you get Free Money, on an easy trade!

And the prices the stock saw today, will never be seen again, as the low today, will be the lows forever!

ZNGA to launch real money gaming platform

Zynga is announcing a real-money gaming partnership today, which it likely is hoping to distract from its third-quarter earnings report that we know already will be pretty grim.

Zynga said it is forming an exclusive partnership with, a real-money gaming operator. This marks the company’s first move into real-money from the funny-money gaming its used to hosting on Facebook, through games like Poker.

That is gambling, my friends. A gambling platform.

OK--so now, once again, who were the idiots that sold ZNGA down because they were worried about earnings?????

Once again, Wall Street is giving away Free Money, but it isn't for the sheeple, muppets, or the tyoical Wall Street wimp who needs a line in the bathroom to buy him some courage. 

Just grow a pair and buy the stocks when they are cheap and quit worrying about the next 3 cents if it moves against you!

So you get two cents worth of free advice, that will remind you to grow a pair.

Even if there isn't one on ZNGA's dog!


ZNGA reports earnings after the close, and the stock at $2.18 reflects only the value of the cash on hand and the $220 million headquarters owned outright.

The $900 million of revenue? Wall Street is valuing it as a liability.

So what.

Wall Street is wrong.

You need to buy ZNGA at this price, which is the equivalent of buying Apple when it was 3, (split adjusted) and selling for only the cash on hand.

You have the same opportunity here. But Wall Street, as always, is afraid of its own shadow, and most people on Wall Street, are so timid and fearful, they can't think for themselves.

Facebook already announced that ZNGA's revenue percentage is already down, so who cares?

Steve Jobs was known as a mercurial CEO.  Of course, Steve Jobs hung out with Larry Ellison, while Wall Street thinks Mr. Pincus would probably be more comfortable with Mike Jeffries and his Gulfstream G550 attendants, so the boys club on Wall Street whacks the stock even more.

As I said before, Wall Street is wrong.

Now what did the Guardian say about ZNGA on October 5, when they pre-announced lower numbers?

Oh that's right--I forgot--this is a Wall Street crowd. You need to spell it out.

"In a blogpost, Mark Pincus, the mercurial billionaire who is chief executive....."


So what is my target on ZNGA?

A double, and then another!

Facebook pops! Barron's wrong again! As Advertised!!!!

It was just 30 days ago, that I said you need to buy Facebook on the Barron's cover story slam.

Whatever happened to that?????

Anyone remember that????

Here's a reminder!!!

What happened???

Facebook is almost $25, and you have the BIGGEST MOVE UP EVER in Facebook's public history today!

Once again, Free Money!!!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Buy CAT!!

Caterpillar has pulled back from 94 to 88, and is now 89, after rallying from 83 in early September. The first catalyst for the CAT rally was supposedly because of new stimulus plans from China, when in fact, the stock was just oversold on cautious comments by CAT's CEO.

Now we have weakness today, because CAT trimmed its outlook for 2015 to $15-$18, from $15-$20, so, once again, we have weakness from cautious commentary by CAT. Oh My!

And once again, that commentary has given an entry point, here at 89, for those who missed it at 83 in September.

CAT at 89, is a steal that even of the replacements refs could rule on!

And speaking of Roger Goodell, didn't he say that the Saints conduct was DETRIMENTAL to the league? Well, then, isn't the officiating detrimental to the league?

Maybe Roger thinks he's in a league of his own!

Well, in that case, the replacement refs have struck out!

Look for a settlement with the refs by Thursday, DESPITE what ESPN says!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Buy Facebook on the Barron's selloff

So Barron's touts Facebook to $15, using their tired reasoning and tired figures.

Big deal.

The next five points are up, not down, and $20.73 is a good entry point.

And take some ZNGA under 3 while you're at it! 

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Reggie White endorsed bounties, laughs at Goodell from Heaven

« Previous Next »Peter Brouillet-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire
Jan 6, 1996; San Francisco, CA, USA: FILE PHOTO; Green Bay Packers defensive end Reggie White (92) moves past San Francisco 49ers tackle Kirk Scrafford (76) during the 1995 NFC Divisional Playoff Game at Candlestick Park. The Packers defeated the 49ers 27-17. Mandatory Credit: Peter Brouillet-US PRESSWIRE

Here's what Reggie White had to say after the Packers 49ers playoff game in 1996--The one, where Reggie White's performance was so spectacular that sport pundits believed, God "healed" Reggie's hamstring.

And what was Reggie doing before the game after his prayers? Giving out bounties!

Before the playoff game against the 49ers, White told his defensive teammates that he would hand out cash bonuses for big plays, like interceptions, fumble recoveries and cobweb-inducing hits. Shaking his head now, White says with a groan, "I wound up paying out almost $9,000. You'd be amazed how guys who are making hundreds of thousands of dollars get up and go after that $100. They'll sit in the film room the next week saying, 'Ooh! I caused a fumble and recovered it. That's $200!' "

And the commissioner is doing what? Making grown men sign affidavits that they gave out bounties?

Let 'em play the game!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Blue Chips on Sale!!

CAT at 89

AAPL at 538

LVS at 48

The panic sellers have already puked up their stocks!

And CNBC is having an "Oh My" moment because Facebook hasn't opened!

Whoops--It now has opened at $42. FB at $40 means the flippers have flipped! Now the retail investors can make money of all the hedge funds that can't hold any stock for 10 minutes. But watch CNBC go bonkers as FB approaches 38. They'll say this was a disaster. A disaster? Every venture capitalist and Facebook insider got cashed out at $38. It was a huge home run for them.

And every retail investor will be able to buy FB from the hedgies that puked it up!!

"Oh My!!"

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The faces of hope

Obama hugs graduate Britney Wilson, before his commencement speech at Barnard College!

She had the same reaction as Jennifer Hudson, before she sang "Happy Birthday" to BO in Chicago!

Now does anybody really think that Romney has that kind of magic?

I doubt that!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Buy these beaten down names in a $37 basket!!

OK---now it is getting ridiculously cheap to buy some out-of-favor names.

Take BAC here at $7.73
Take FSLR here at $17.37
Take RIMM here at $11.86

You have a $37 basket with these three names. A year from now, you'll be happy, and the shorts in these names will be crying the blues!!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Obama's next Treasury Secretary is....

The Boss of the secretary in Michelle's Presidential Box at the State of the Union.

Friday, January 20, 2012

The stock market that gives the bears nothing to dance to!

Warren, at Jay Zs 40 40 Club, after a couple glasses of Ace of Spades.

Someone better send some bottle service to the bears tables so they can lighten up!