Thursday, January 21, 2010

Haiti Survivor found after 8 days

This 8 year old boy was buried in the rubble for eight days.

He never gave up!

That is the look of joy!


Anonymous said...

Palmoni, quick question...what happened to APWR today?

Palmoni said...

they raised $83 million at around $14.37 to buy the firm EVATECH they touted they were going to buy.

I think the discount on the stock price was the "credibility and promotional" discount of APWR's statements from management.

Anonymous said...

would you buy at this level?

Anonymous said...

This little boy's face is the face of hope. Haiti and the whole world is suffering but seeing this boy face is telling us not to lose hope. I LOVE THIS PICTURE

Anonymous said...

I agree AO

Andrew said...

We just started to donate 1$ from each purchase to Haiti.
Thanks to all good people.

MFHCM said...

Great to see that they found him! said...

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