Thursday, January 21, 2010

An ATT credit card story

So I know this wonderful lady that had just gotten a divorce, and part of the agreement was, that she would have to pay her ex husband's credit card bill.

So in the months leading up to the divorce, he charged about $14K on the card. (including guns and ammo--OK they live up North--but guns are like cash).

So she called up ATT, who issued the card, and explained the situation, and told them, how the 22.9% interest rate was a hardship for her, and that the credit card was now her responsibility.  She also had the people look at the items purchased. They were obviously not items she would use. They said they would call her back in 72 hours with an answer.

ATT called her back and decided that she was a "new customer" and then they gave her a rate of 0% for the first year, and 3.75% for the next year, and a couple points over prime, after that.

They cut her a break, and she'll save almost $3300 of interest the first year; and its money she really needed.

She didn't have to do a  video, write a demanding letter, or promise them the wages of her firstborn, when she was old enough to work.

ATT listened to her story, they had empathy on her, and then, they helped her.

Today, Obama had to threaten the banks because they were putting their interests first, in front of the people's.

Why can't these banks learn from ATT, and instead of being forced and cajoled into doing something that is right, just listen, and then help, until we all get through this mess?

So now I'm going to go and pay my iPhone bill.



Anonymous said...

I still won't enjoy paying my iPhone bill!

Anonymous said...

do you really think people are geared for plain old fashion thinking, when we stop worrying about what people think and do what is right in our hearts, that is what will change the status quo
Some people call that a revolution, I call it thinking about when we were younger and what was right in this world that we took for granted. Suddenly we are baby boomers-We are our own responsability stand up!!