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Monday, January 25, 2010

Wall Street's shakey psyche

On this morning's Breakfast with Dave, Rosie is now touting today's market as reminiscent  of September 1987. I guess the Depression angle failed, along with the Japan angle, so now we have this.

Newsflash--September 1987 was in September 1987!

Breakfast With Dave January 25 2010 (David Rosenberg)                                                    

Dick Bove, seems to be waking up with Rosie also. He started his research today with:


The United States financial system and its economy are at a critical juncture. Actions being suggested in Washington have placed it on a precipice. If the President and Congress continue down the path that each has indicated, in my judgment, the equity markets will crash.

dick bove report                                                          

Get a speedbump in the market, and Wall Street p*sses their pants!


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