Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Blackberry on deck for earnings tomorrow

With 150 million shares shorted, the spin game will cause this stock to be all over the map!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

American Graphite-- AGIN-A Pump and Dump--Stay Away or Short it to ZERO

AGIN is the latest stock pump. Graphene, graphite digging for minerals, and a $100 million market cap company.

It is the latest tip from the pump and dump Wall St Revelator.

And guess what--Heavenly Vision, LTD paid $1,160,000 to pay for the cost of creating this advertisement!

And they are circulating it in Wisconsin and the Midwest so the folks there can get fleeced.

Well I got news for shareholders of AGIN. This pump and dump on the market needs to be stopped. So get out!

The stock didn't even trade a couple weeks ago, it may have traded 100 or 500 shares of stock on a lucky day. Now it's traded 10 million shares the last week, and the dumpers are selling stock to every buyer!

The promoter, and only employee/consultant of this company lives in Greece, but he rents out a virtual office in Las Vegas for $40 a month next to every other stock pump and stock thief that trolls around looking to steal investors money with over hyped false claims. SEC filings indicates he spends about 20 hours a week on this company that supposedly has a trillion dollar market potential!

The is NOT a business. This is a business of STOCK PROMOTION ONLY!

His name is Rick Walchuk, and he touted mineral claims with New America Energy. That stock can be had for a fraction of a penny. Now he's into Graphene or Graphite, or the next gee whiz project!

The company that has this revolutionary, supposed market opportunity of $1.8 trillion dollars---Well guess where it came from. Cheap Tubes, Inc.

And so, for a $10,000 payment to Cheap Tubes, they put on paper a new company called CTI Nanotechnologies!!

The stock promo on this number just becomes dirtier and dirtier!

Look at this tout, saying they have an $80 Billion potential in the "Plan Nord" area of Quebec. Here is a picture.

Today they flipped a press release out on this property. They didn't tell you it cost them all of $5,500 for the claims--yet it is going to be worth $80 billion! They are doing their pump, and they want investors money!

And the market potential of $1.8 trillion?

For a product that isn't even developed!! SELL IT, DUMP IT, OR SHORT IT TO ZERO!!

Stay away, the stock is going to ZERO; and I think that it should be halted now!

It is a classic pump and dump, designed to take your money.

Sell it or Short it or Stay Away!

It's going to ZERO, just like every other company that Rick Walchuk has a publicly filed ownership stake!


Lululemon vs Cheescake!

So the Lululemon yoga tights show cheesecake in the buttocks, and on CNBC today, you had an analyst talking up LULU.

So let's just think about this logically.

How many times do you shop at Lululemon in a year?

Well let me phrase that another way--How many times do you eat at Cheesecake Factory in a year?

So do the math. CAKE has market cap of $1.8 billion, and they have 177 stores. So Wall Street values a Cheesecake store at $10 million each.

So do the math again. LULU has a market cap of close to $10 billion, and they have 201 stores. Wall Street values their yoga stores at $50 million each!

Do you know anyone in their right mind that would buy a Lululemon store for $50 million?

So why then, would you buy the stock??

Heat win 23rd straight! Lebron dunks on Jet! Woot!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Why "Risk Off" is really "Risk On!"

Art by Matt Sesow.

How is that? Because we are at new highs!! 

Every befuddled hedge fund manager that panics over--Oh MY----sequester, Oh My---- Italy, Cyprus, Oh My--Mila Kunis buying stocks, Oh My--Cyprus, because--Oh MY---some money launders are going to be charged some vig---Give me a break!

 Why do you think all these hedge funds are underperforming?

 So what will they do--maybe they will get some "alpha" in Bank of America--or maybe they will "overweight" AAPL and it will rally into the end of the quarter--Heck, maybe they will load up on AAPL calls--whatever... It is just gobbledygook and nonsense.

Why? Because they're whimps!

 Market drops and they get scared. David Einhorn down $140 points in Apple, and he really, actually thinks that Apple will create iPerfs? Did anyone look at the phone he used in his presentation? He didn't even use a picture of an iPhone 5! Yeh, yeh, yeh--I know these guys are supposed to be the smartest guys in the room--Says who?? Like picking stocks in tough in a huge bull market??? Give me a break! For gosh sakes, you think that all the traders on Wall Street were babies.

No wonder the E-Trade ads are so popular!

But as the post below shows, you can still make 500% in BAC two week calls!

Meredith Whitney touts BAC to 20; joins the bulls

Bank of America is the cheapest big bank stock--and it was touted here on March 10, 2009 at the market bottom at $4.79--and I rode it to $18.I bought the stock back at $6.31 and $6.66 in January of 2012 and still own it. I re-touted the name on February 25, 2013 here at $11.

Whitney is right--The stock will be in the 20s--but it will be within a year. It's the cheapest big bank on the board!

Anyway here is what Meredith had to say:

 "Bank of America was already one of the most undervalued names going into the stress tests. What's amazing about this is very rarely do these banks have value and momentum, and this has both of those. The stress test was a huge catalyst for this name. It has been this huge stealth deliverer. They announced cost-cutting measures in 2010. No bank has taken the kind of [cost-cutting] measures it has taken. And it takes two years to implement those. It can easily go to $15. And over the next two years, into the $20s. It's all cost-cutting, it's all operating leverage. I don't have a lot of growth expectations for the big banks in general."

Heck she even made SUMMLY

So if you read this far--I'll show you how to make 500% on two bits!

Check out the two week March 12.50 calls on BAC. They closed at .25 They should be able to go to $1.25.

BAC Mar 2013 12.500 call (BAC130328C00012500)  -OPR
0.25 Down 0.04(13.79%) 3:57PM ED
Prev Close:0.29
Expire Date:27-Mar-13
Day's Range:0.14 - 0.32
Contract Range:N/A - N/A
Open Interest:46,428

Anyway, remember when I chided Meredith's bearishness? No need for that anymore!!!!!

Glad to welcome her to the bulls!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

One Femme Fatale's fatal flaw

Wall Street and Hollywood.

Real life, and reel life!

And lord knows, we must take Wall Street and our money serious! Isn't that what Jon Stewart taught us?

So let's have some fun, since we're not supposed to when we talk stocks!

Remember Sharone Stone, the femme fatale of the 90's?

Let's look at her domestic box office revenue:

Basic Instinct did $117 million.
Sliver did $36 million.
The Quick and the Dead did $18 million.

The more Ms. Stone bared her assets, the greater the box office! But when Ms. Stone needed to up her revenue, by reverting back to the same formula that brought her success, it didn't work.

Basic Instinct 2 brought in only $6 million at the box office, despite Ms. Stone baring hers!

Her bare days were over, but she didn't know it! She needed to change her role!

Wall Street's femme fatale has been Meredith Whitney, the former Oppenheimer analyst who has now started her own shop.

She used to terrorize the bulls with her market calls, and bankingCEO's were afraid of her, as were men of Catherine Tramell's icepicks!

Meredith Whitney used to keep the financial world on edge, and she had the ability to move the markets. Especially, when the power was in the bear's hands, and the bearish hedge funds who generated fees through their relationship.

Let's check out her box office when she was on CNBC.

On February 21, 2008, when she was on CNBC the market dropped143 points or 1.2%On September 15, 2008, when she was on CNBC the market dropped504 points or 4.4%.
On November 5, 2008, when she was on CNBC the market dropped 486 points or 5%.
On December 1, 2008, when she was on CNBC the market dropped
680 points or 7.7%.
Notice the progression? It's apparent, that the markets were listening to what she said. But just like Sharon Stone, she overplayed her role.

On Tuesday, March 10, 2009, she was on CNBC and Meredith warned the financial world of the perils of credit cards, on the day that we started the new bull market.

That was the day the bull market, with the number of the beast started. I said you can trot her out all you want, but it wouldn't matter. We were going higher!

That day the Dow gained 379 points, or 5.9%; not quite the result her bearish clients wanted!

Today, one week later, Meredith tried again. The market was extended, and Monday we had a late day swoon. Her clients probably hoped she still had some magic left, to work the next morning!

It wasn't to be.

The market was up 178.73 points, or 2.48%, despite Ms. Whitney's bearish proclamations on credit. She said the banking industry would be worse in 2009 than in 2008!

Like Ms. Stone, Ms. Whitney needed to change her role.

And just like Ms. Stone, Ms. Whitney's bear days are over, but she doesn't yet know it.

When Sharon Stone, met Joey Ezterhaus after she signed for Basic Instinct, they had this dialogue:

S: You're so sly.
J: Why?
S: Catherine's last name. Trammell. I researched it. I know what it means.
J: What does it mean?
S: You know what it means.
(Michael Douglas "Will somebody end the suspense please?")
S: A tramell is a funeral shroud in Scottish mythology. Isn't that brilliant?

Now Sunday, I wrote a tongue in cheek article on the nephilim and end time preachers. In it I said, "I'm sure there will be a run on veils!"

It was my sarcastic way of saying, that if you didn't buy into the bottom at 666, this bull market would bring it's own funeral to those who are bearish, who were waiting for the end of the world.

So why compare Ms. Stone to Ms. Whitney?

Because Meredith, like the name Tramell, also has interesting characteristics. But since I wrote about veils, while discussing Hebrew, and Jon Stewart's Jewish, let's look at Meredith through Hebrew eyes!

Now Hebrew letters also have a corresponding numerical value.

Meredith, in Hebrew is spelled Mem, Aleph, Resh, Aleph, Daleth, Yod and Tau. The corresponding numerical values are 40, 1, 200, 1, 4, 10, 400

They add to 656.

Didn't I title this piece, "One Femme Fatale's fatal flaw?"

Meredith just missed it by one!

It's time for her to take the veil off, or she will be left with Catherine Trammel's shroud!

She needs to take her pick!

JCP! Buy It!!

For those who missed Best Buy at 11.40, Deckers at 31, ANF at 29, LVS at 36, ZNGA at 2.17--whatever the list goes on forever....

Take down some JC Penney at 16.63!!!

Its the next FREE MONEY trade!!!

Heck, JCP will start renting out space in their stores, if they need to.

Meanwhile, Joe Fresh, gives them a kick! What--you haven't heard of Joe Fresh?  The story is their using the techniques of Zara. Who needs anything else?

Hell, last week, Wall Street was trying to con the world that Apple wasn't a buy.  Since Thursday, AAPL has tacked on 25 points.

Oh heck, use the Apple angle for JCP---It was the Apple guy that took it over.

Last week, he was driving the store to hell; this week he's taking it to heaven!

The stock should rip, and so will the shorts!!

That's stock market karma!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Carl Icahn's letter to DELL and proposed recap

Icahn Enterprises L.P.
March 5, 2013
Board of Directors
Dell Inc.
One Dell Way
Round Rock, Texas 78682
Attn.: Laurence P. Tu
Senior Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary
Re: Agreement and Plan of Merger, dated as of February 5, 2013
(the “Going Private Transaction”).
Dear Board Members:
We are substantial holders of Dell Inc. shares. Having reviewed the Going Private Transaction, we believe that it is not in the best interests of Dell shareholders and substantially undervalues the company.
Rather than engage in the Going Private Transaction, we propose that Dell announce that in the event that the Going Private Transaction is voted down by shareholders, Dell will immediately declare and pay a special dividend of $9 per share comprised of proceeds from the following sources: (1) $4.26 per share, or $7.4 Billion, from available cash as proposed in the Going Private Transaction, (2) $1.73 per share, or $3 Billion, from factoring existing commercial and consumer receivables as proposed in the Going Private Transaction, and (3) $4.26, or $5.25 Billion in new debt.
We believe that such a transaction is superior to the Going Private Transaction because we value the proforma “stub” at $13.81 per share using a discounted cash flow valuation methodology based on a consensus of analyst forecasts. The “stub” value of $13.81 combined with our proposed $9.00 special dividend gives Dell shareholders a total value of $22.81 per share, representing a 67% premium to the $13.65 per share price proposed in the Going Private Transaction. We have spent a great deal of time and effort in determining the $22.81 per share value and would be pleased to meet with you to share our analysis and to understand why you disagree, if you do.
We hope that this Board will agree to adopt our proposal by publicly announcing that the Board is committed to implement our proposal if the Going Private Transaction is voted down by Dell shareholders. This would avoid a proxy fight.
However, if this Board will not promise to implement our proposal in the event that the Dell shareholders vote down the Going Private Transaction, then we request that the Board announce that it will combine the vote on the Going Private Transaction with an annual meeting to elect a new board of directors. We then intend to run a slate of directors that, if elected, will implement our proposal for a leveraged recapitalization and $9 per share dividend at Dell, as set forth above. In that way shareholders will have a real choice between the Going Private Transaction and our proposal. To assure shareholders of the availability of sufficient funds for the prompt payment of the dividend, if our slate of directors is elected, Icahn Enterprises would provide a $2 billion bridge loan and I would personally provide a $3.25 billion bridge loan to Dell, each on commercially reasonable terms, if that bridge financing is necessary.
Like the “go shop” period provided in the Going Private Transaction, your fiduciary duties as directors require you to call the annual meeting as contemplated above in order to provide shareholders with a true alternative to the Going Private Transaction. As you know, last year’s annual meeting was held on July 13, 2012 (and indeed for the past 20 years Dell’s annual meetings have been held in this time frame) and so it would be appropriate to hold the 2013 annual meeting together with the meeting for the Going Private Transaction, which you have disclosed will be held in June or early July.
If you fail to agree promptly to combine the vote on the Going Private Transaction with the vote on the annual meeting, we anticipate years of litigation will follow challenging the transaction and the actions of those directors that participated in it. The Going Private Transaction is a related party transaction with the largest shareholder of the company and advantaging existing management as well, and as such it will be subject to intense judicial review and potential challenges by shareholders and strike suitors. But you have the opportunity to avoid this situation by following the fair and reasonable path set forth in this letter.
Our proposal provides Dell shareholders with substantial cash of $9 per share and the ability to continue as owners of Dell, a stock that we expect to be worth approximately $13.81 per share following the dividend. We believe, as apparently does Michael Dell and his partner Silver Lake, that the future of Dell is bright. We see no reason that the future value of Dell should not accrue to ALL the existing Dell shareholders – not just Michael Dell.
As mentioned in today’s phone call, we look forward to hearing from you tomorrow to discuss this matter without the need for us to bring this to the public arena.
Very truly yours,
Icahn Enterprises L.P.
By: Carl C. Icahn
Chairman of the Board

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

And you bears think AAPL is going away?

So check out this great interview with Mila Kunis.

And then, after watching Mila, check out Kutcher above. So if his iPhone distracts him from her, how then, is the general public then, going to dump their phone and the entire Apple ecosystem?

Wall Street, sometimes, is just made up of stupid sellers!

Friday, March 1, 2013

IEP at 62.70--Buy Carl!

Icahn Enterprises sold 3.2 million shares at an offering at 63, and he did it in the hole.  You can buy it for a trade here.