Thursday, April 1, 2010

Tiger's hush money payment to Rachel---$10 million!


Anonymous said...

HUSA hit another new high. Any idea what is going on there?

Palmoni said...

The story on HUSA is Colombia. Another well next door, 15600 barrels/day

and I think the negative speculation over IOC might have caused some sellers to take some money out of that name, and put it in HUSA.

One of the brokerage firms that was a big supporter of IOC, has been buying HUSA. Maybe you have some swapping between stocks going on.

IOC? No opinion on that name--but skeptical

Anonymous said...

Memphis has free day at the Zoo --blacks poor in , caus the zoo be free n shit--blacks then create many 'disturbances' including gunfire,0,3532051.story


of course we need to be wary of whitey at the tea parties

it saddens me to see what hundreds of years of racism by whitety has turned these people into

I propose that all readers of WSM sell half their stocks and give it to the NAACP to make up for past injustices

Anonymous said...

spelling error above -should be 'pour' not 'poor', although blacks are poor too as a result of whitey being mean and racist- which is why proceeds of your next stock sale should go to a poor black

whydibuy said...

HUSA fooled the heck out of me. Maybe it is legit. But I've seen so many stock promotions in my time.
Stocks like MILL.OB

Here is a penny stock guy that buys some unwanted oil and gas assets from a bk co for 4.5 million.
Allegedly, these assets were worth 400 mil. ( oh, really?? )

Now the co claims a gain of 270 mil on this buy ( market sure was dumb to overlook those great assets I guess ).

From what I read about the former owner of those oil and gas assets, they were wildly high cost minerals to produce and they are located on an active volcanic area. So no one else bid for them.

But with MILL.OB touting them and inventing 270 mil in new value, they got the stock value to 150 mil with that 4.5 mil buy.

Maybe HUSA is real, but I can't tell. I guess it really doesn't matter as long as the stock price appreciation is making shareholders rich.