Friday, April 9, 2010

Greek two year bond rate now 7.45%

Greek bonds fell for the seventh straight session on Thursday and the Greece's benchmark stock index tumbled. The yield on Greece's 10-year bond, a reflection of both the country's borrowing costs and the risk investors associate with its debt, hit its highest level since the introduction of the euro.

More alarmingly, in a sign Greece may have difficulty finding money in the nearer term, investors drove the interest rate of the Greek two-year bond to 7.45% Thursday, 6.64 percentage points more than what Germany pays. That gap was 5.68 percentage points just a day earlier.
Not that Greece matters to Wall Street, but didn't Goldman help Greece do their own version of a "Repo 105?"


Anonymous said...

is it good to wait to buy ... do you think we'll have any pull backs?

Anonymous said...

MPG seems to want to hold 4. but the lack of up, makes me think a trip down. I know target 12, but 3 first? thoughts? thx.