Monday, April 26, 2010

Las Vegas Sands Singapore Casino

How much gaming goes on in Macau?

In 2009, gambling revenue in Macau was about $14.9 billion, up 9.6% from $13.6 billion in 2008. Las Vegas Strip gambling revenue in 2009 was $5.6 billion, off 9.4% from $6.1 billion in 2008...

Macau recorded its two biggest months to date in terms of gambling revenue in January and March, and industry watchers and insiders are salivating at the prospect of a new golden age of gambling in Asian markets.

How profitable then, will Singapore eventually be, with a much lower tax rate for Casino operators?

Was any of this priced into the stock when it was $1.77 and touted on this blog?


Anonymous said...

What would be your top 5 investment picks right now, Palmoni?

palmoni said...

Give me a bit and I'll give you 5

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

THIS JUST IN: Treasury May Begin Selling Citigroup Shares Today, Filing Shows

The Treasury has initially granted underwriter Morgan Stanley authorization to sell 1.5 billion of the shares, New York-based Citigroup said today in a registration statement filed with securities regulators. The filing allows Treasury to begin selling immediately,

is that why iy's down today?

Palmoni said...

How about for speculators? I think we went through our correction already. And therefore anyone can buy calls on the basic stuff like the S&P or the QQQ--But let's say the stimulus starts to kick in.

Look at the Jan 60 2011 calls on X at 11, or how about roads? Look at VMC, the Jan 60 2011 calls at 5.6.

VMC could go to 90, they would be at 30-you could make 6X on that.

Heck the street is so wrong on homebuilders, and isn't Minkow's best short Lennar? The Nov 20 calls on that are at 3.40. Why isn't that 3x your money?

Look at what happened to SHLD, NFLX, CMG, CREE--all names that were heavily shorted. Did any of the shorts bring in those numbers when they had the chance?

How about the casinos? Did they bring in any of them when they had the chance?

So why won't the industrial names start running? Look at CAT today--the US sucks, but the rest of the world rocks. How about when the US doesn't suck?

Why isn't that in everybody's lexicon? Why isn't that upside figured in?

You can go down, and hunt and work, and find your names that you can buy, or you can take a bet on names that will get taken up by the street.

Before, I always touted as my under 20 play, BAC, MGM and GE--because if you added up all three, they came to 20. Now they are 53.

Now you have to strech and buy more speculative names to get your bang for the buck.

Or you can position a good option portfolio, on the names that should run.

But in any event, let me work on some names. I have three stocks that I think are 10X baggers, that are ready to move now, but the catalysts are just a bit more deeper than just a comment piece.

I'll work on getting those those.

Anonymous said...

thanks for all yoru help. i sold mgm at $14.50 to pick up apwr...i seem to alway sell you think mgm will keep going to $22 from here? trying to see if i should get back in.

Palmoni said...

It will probably go to 17ish and then have a 1 1/2 point pullback on one of those regular corrections that this stock always gets

don't feel bad I sold LVS at 24!

After its big run, thought it would pullback, but it never did!

Anonymous said...

my LIZ is on a tear but i sold it before 6...story of my life. learning patience.

palmoni said...

this entire market is a lesson on patience!!

Check out BZ the warrants on that name are just .91 cents they expire in June of 2011 7.5 strike

could be 5X-10X

Anonymous said...

how do you figure out the value today..if trading at .91 and price is at 7.50 today it would need to be at $8.41 to break you know where i can research more.

Anonymous said...

Are you still working on a top 5? That would be interesting.

Anonymous said...

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