Wednesday, April 28, 2010

North Carolina cracks down on thongs at the beach

(CNN) -- If you plan on going to Kure Beach, North Carolina, bring your sunscreen and shades, but please leave your thong behind.

The seaside community has adopted a zero tolerance policy on anyone wearing the barely-there bikini by the shore on their part of North Carolina's Pleasure Island, just south of Wilmington.

"You can do what you want to in your own space," said Mayor Dean Lambeth, "but for public decency, keep it off the public beach."

Lambeth told CNN he and the town supervisors last week unanimously approved the ordinance banning the skimpy bathing.

And that's the Wall Street argument.

Look what happens when you zealously regulate!


Anonymous said...

what are your thoughts on HWD and APWR?


Anonymous said...

the bull market is over? those bears at xtrend are saying something like S&P 660 and 440 in a year or two.

Palmoni said...

HWD was recomended by Richard Russell:

Here is what he said:

Harry Winston Diamond is now an interesting stock. From a high of 44.98 in October, 2009, HWD dropped to a low of 1.69 in March 2009. The daily chart going back three years tells the story. With the diamond market firming, HWD looks to be like an interesting speculation. The stock has come up a long way from its low, but it's also still a long way from its 2007 high.

Harry Winston Diamond Corporation is a specialist diamond company with assets in the mining and retail segments of the diamond industry. The Company supplies rough diamonds to the global market from production received from its 40% ownership interest in the Diavik Diamond Mine (the Diavik Mine) located at Lac de Gras in Canada’s Northwest Territories. It also owns 100% of Harry Winston Inc. (HWI), a fine jewelry and watch retailer. As of January 31, 2009, the Company’s significant asset was a 40% ownership interest in the Diavik group of mineral claims. The Diavik Joint Venture (the Joint Venture) is an unincorporated joint arrangement between Diavik Diamond Mines Inc. (DDMI-60%) and Harry Winston Diamond Limited Partnership (40%), where the Company owns an undivided 40% interest in the assets, liabilities and expenses. DDMI is the operator (the Operator) of the Diavik Diamond Mine.

APWR Maybe private placement seller frontrunners?

Anonymous said...

do you still own APWR?

Anonymous said...

DOW chemical price target $61--from Analyst Research of the UK:

Dow Chemical's current Price Target is $61 (+174% from the 2009 Target of $22 and +94% from the 04/23/10 price of $31.16). This dramatic rise in the Target is the result of a +4% increase in the equity base and a +154% increase in the price/equity multiple

whydibuy said...

Well, they should be sexist and say absolutely not for males but the females can use whatever attire they wish.

Anonymous said...

Whydibuy finally made a sensible remark LOL

Anonymous said...

That was actually pretty funny...

Anonymous said...

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