Thursday, April 15, 2010

Meredith Whitney revamps her website

And all those bearish research articles that were previously available?

Now they're firewalled.

Maybe now she'll come out and say she was "bullish!"

After all, on March 10, the day after the 666 bottom, Meredith came out proclaiming doom, with her report on credit card lines getting cut, pushing us into a bigger abyss.

How did that work?

A week after the 666 bottom, you had my take on Meredith here.

Which call made you money?

Mine or the maid's?

Site here.


Anonymous said...

so do youy think this MGM hit today is must temporary or will it keep going down? trying to see if i should sell this morning

Anonymous said...

It's temporary

Palmoni said...

Where are the believers????

The stock is down from 80--yes they sold some stock--but who cares? Did anyone even check out their Macau numbers? How about when they have that raise?

Morning dip was what needed to be bought. Does anybody really think they aren't going to completely punish those fools who have bet against this market the entire way?

Right now, the shorts are on the rope.

When the market was nreaking, and the bulls were on the ropes, what did the bears do?

Wall Street attacks weakness. Why else is Jamie Dimon lionized? Because he can box!

So they won't let all these bears off, but heck, you have to know what you own, and you have to have enough conviction, not to get shaken out by Wall Street's moves!

Anonymous said...

Is a 10 pt correction in ES too much to ask? I hate chasing. This is ridiculous. Every damn day.

Maybe tomorrow with opex and goog merely inline we'll get a nice drop.

X May 75s getting cheap.

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