Monday, April 19, 2010

Cramer: Goldman Sachs will lose


Goldman Sachs will lose the case the government is bringing against it. If there were a betting line on the trial of the Securities and Exchange Commission vs. Goldman Sachs, the SEC would be the overwhelming favorite. That's because unless Goldman gets a jury of its peers who live at 800 Fifth Avenue, the people who will debate the evidence most likely will side with the government. How could they not? When you have the government vs. public enemy No. 1, who would you think gets the benefit of the doubt? Who on Wall Street do you think is guilty until proven innocent these days, least of all the firm that President Obama and the SEC seem to love to hate? How about the merits of the case? First of all, they really don't matter. The SEC almost never loses a trial...

Remember what Cramer said on Friday?

But no one can say that Cramer doesn't know how the game works!

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Anonymous said...

Volcano plus the GS drama and the market's already recovered? wow!