Tuesday, April 13, 2010

What were circumstances behind WaMu's sale?

More than 18 months after the largest bank failure in U.S. history, federal regulators have disclosed few details about their handling of Washington Mutual Inc.'s collapse, including the decision to let J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. buy the doomed financial institution at a bargain price.

Washington Mutual has largely faded from the headlines as the U.S. banking industry gets back on its feet, helped by massive infusions of taxpayer-funded capital and intervention in the financial markets. But the decision-making process by regulators as the thrift teetered remains a mystery, showing the continued reluctance of government officials to release details about some of the biggest crashes of the financial crisis.

Oh that's right! All the money went to JPM. Therefore, no details will be provided!


Anonymous said...

cheap option plays.

nudge nudge.

Palmoni said...

May 125s on POT for 1.51 They report on the 29th, the stock should rally before earnings. Everyone is worn out on this stock because they think it tracks corn.

The May 33s on AVP are .95. A bribe investigation? Big deal. That's how business is done! A bounce play here.

MGM was raised, Goldman upped target to 17.5, June 17.5 at .90, with all the shorts, and they can't seem to pin MGM at 15--I think it moves especially after expiration. (I'm not crazy about some of the other casino names up here-I think they've moved enough already.)

Palmoni said...

bandwidth plays are always coming along the old names JDSU and CIEN-market memories are long so the PE expansion can continue in these names May 18s on CIEN are 1 nice bang for the buck

Palmoni said...

A cyclical breakaway is UFS. IP has been jamming price incresase in uncoated paperboard and everything is sticking.

The total leverage play is Domtar. The latest increase was $60 a ton. Credit Suisse estimates that it will help UFS by $3.15 in EPS and almost $2 this year alone.

But more price increases are coming. But it only adds .25 to IP earnings. They want to acclerate some of their debt paydown. Look for them to jam some more price increases down the markets throat. Management at IP is still pissed that Wall Street stuck their stock down to $4. They of course, leveraged themselves up, so they wouldn't be taken out, and the eexecutives could keep their jobs. The leverage almost led to their downfall--even though it was never close, that was the story Wall Street spun.

Once these stocks get a head of steam, they are easy to play, and once price increases start, they are like cockroaches.

Now management can exercise their stock options and be heralded as geniuses!

Anonymous said...

Thank You for the plays, and the blog.

Much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

CIEN AVP and UFS moved!

Nice call.

Your nemesis downgraded POT

Palmoni said...

GS a neminis? I'm soo over that! I'm long GS!!!

A rising market cures all ills!!!