Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Wall Street Theme Song

And the current version for bankers?

Bottle service!

Which still causes consternation amongst the women who want to date bankers!


Anonymous said...

Think mpg will move again soon?

Anonymous said...

what does everyone think about c?---look into the future --3 months 6 months , a year-- tell me what do you see? The 19th is earnings-- oh say can you c? Tell us palomoni

Palmoni said...

I think MPG will bounce, C breaks 5, and tech leads the charge higher.

Even GS is on a runaway breakaway.

Even the old names will be good as MSFT and IBM report next week. Windows 7.

And the dinosuars will give more juice for the spec names in tech!

Tech is on a runaway breakawy!

And the banks are breaking the shorts back. Oh My!!

1200? Knife thru butter. 11700 and 1260 should be fast and very painful for the disbelievers!!

Remember when Cramer pimped the market down saying if you needed any money for the next five years you should sell stocks? Well, he's ready to start pimping just the opposite now!

But the first call helped fuel the panic, now this time, it may get joe sixpack off the couch to spec with his unemployment check in calls!

Palmoni said...

btw where is Meredith Whitney? or Nouriel Roubini? Or David Rosenberg? Or Zero Hedge? Or Karl Denninger?

You would think that all of these smart people were working at Alcoa.

Pimping tinfoil hats!!

Unknown said...

Hey Palmoni,

I mentioned ATPG a while ago and now I think it's time to take another look at this company. The company is in the process of cleaning up its balance sheet and the success at their Telemark field will significant increase the company's cash flows. Also the company is raising $1.5B to pay off its senior debt facilities and this will get rid of all the debt covenants that the company had potential issues with. On top of that, there is a significant short interest in the stock and these recent events just blew their short thesis out of the waters. I think things can get interesting going forward!

It looks like that Colombian co. is now hiring new personnel. The new person's resume looks impressive too. You have any other insight on what is happening with the company? Thanks :)!

Anonymous said...

Palmoni any thoughts on APWR?

Anonymous said...

any tech names for the smaller companies we can play?

Palmoni said...

Play options on CIEN It's still a small cap on market cap, and they could keep on buying that with the PE expansion

They always chase the big names. Some of these smaller ones, they just don't buy, and the buying or selling influences the price too much.

I like the liquid names.

And check out how MXIM, AMAT, LLTC are breaking out. The calls on all of these numbers are cheap, and the volatility that will ensue in these names is not priced in!!!

Heck, we are at the time, when we can start throwing money at the market---and then getting PAID!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

i guess i need to round up some capital...where do you think FITB can run to?