Wednesday, April 28, 2010

How many airbrushers worked on Pelosi?


whydibuy said...

You didn't say which picture; the top or the bottom.

Perhaps the bottom one was put out by a conservative publication not wanting to show her true beauty.

You have to be more specific.

Palmoni said...

Pelosi's camp said that the picture wasn't airbrushed

so the correct answer is "none."

The airbrusher who worked on Pelosi, was a tongue in cheek subliminal reference, to the picture of Michelle Obama's "purple monkey" picture that such a fuss was made about on Google last year. Remember that? How about George Bush's monkey pictures?

Who cares? The subliminal reference was that Pelosi's daughter, Alexandra, did a documentary on George Bush "Journey's with George" in 2002.

Purple Monkey was the production company that did that film.

Palmoni said...

Here's Journeys with George

Check it out. Alexandra is a purple freak. She talks about purple in the first minute or two. Purple Monkey Productions.

The purple monkey picture of Michelle Obama is pink.

I called it purple.

Just in case someone would think I was being racist, I had to show that I was being color blind.

Because you can't even make a joke in this PC world, without people getting offended!