Monday, April 5, 2010

Having a hard time riding this bull?

Even though it is the easiest bull market in history!

That is, if you believe in buying at the generational low, and then holding stocks, despite what the naysayers say!

But you think this market is hard?

Then, you really don't know what a tough ride is.

Turn back the clock 150 years, and let's see what these Wall Street whippersnappers would do when it was really tough when the Pony Express was advertising in 1860!

But it looks like some of these whippersnappers of the shortseller variety have been spotted in a rodeo bar, drowning their sorrows in cheap beer, and taking a ride on their own bucking bronco!
Their horse, is covered in red!


Anonymous said...

The bull moose and Reagan? The Pony Express and rodeo bar? OK those were easy.

But the mustache and Sandra Bullock? You had to read between the lines to figure that one out.

I wanted to say thank you for the humor that is probably missed by many.

And congratulate you for being the only person in the blogosphere that got this market right since the 666 bottom that you "advertised."

I don't comment, since I trade at one of the "secretive" enclaves in Connecticut, that you used to ridicule. But now that you've gotten soft on Wall Street (esp GS)I wanted to say well done.

Palmoni said...

Come on, I'm a bull by nature--not a basher!

And Wall Street is finally getting bullish, even though targets are still way too low.

Soft on Goldman? Actually Goldman, except where they are hopelessly conflicted, has done a decent job on this market.

But you are right. I have gotten a bit soft. I'm glad at least that was recognized. Its just too weary bashing. But it still is amazing to me that we had to get to 1200 and 11,000 before some of these "rally in a secular bear market" nutjobs had their comeuppance!