Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Apple's new iPhone

Gizmodo found the new iPhone that Apple lost.

The new iPhone has a plastic back, which will help with Wi-Fi reception. Maybe it wasn't the network, but it was the phone.

Meanwhile, the iPad gets banned by some universities, (so Israel can say I told you so) because it causes interferences on networks.



Anonymous said...

GS just added MGM to it's conviction BUY list ..should be worth a POP but I'M CONCERNED ABOUT IT'S EARNINGS going forward

Palmoni said...

Thank god for a small favor from Goldman

they raised a billion and Kirk can't sell stock for 60 days and Tracinda is still looking to maximize value so I'm still holding

Anonymous said...

so are you saying that without a conviction buy from Goldman MGM was going down?

when do you plan to sell?

Anonymous said...

So do you spook too easily or is this a bull trap?

Anonymous said...


Any thoughts on GCI, MNI, and LEE...MNI has taken off in the last few weeks...closing in on $7...is that too hot to chase?

Palmoni said...

No but Goldman can help the case for MGM.

And yes, with my bias against the thugs of Goldman, I thought, that maybe, the Feds would have some teeth, and actually want to do something to Goldman.

But 3-2 vote?

Yeh--I got spooked. I just never thought that the Feds would charge Goldman like that.

But now, it looks like just another softball lobbed to pretend that they were serious.

Anonymous said...

I thought you sold all stocks and index funds but you still have MGM? What about APWR?

Anonymous said...

P, this was the first time in more than a year's time that you were a bit chicken about the markets. Are you back to your bullish stance with that monster beat from Apple. Your thoughts are always appreciated!

Unknown said...

Palmoni...my other favorite blog tastybooze.com broke this story yesterday! haha

buy rim at less than 10x forward right now