Friday, April 2, 2010

162,000 jobs added; Unemployment rate stays at 9.7%

U-6 rate edges up to 16.9%, and the participation rate picks up.

The bulls win again.

First they spun the idea that a huge number of jobs would be created, and then they brought the estimates down right before the number. Goldman Sachs lowered their estimate to 200K just the other day, after being at 275K. Revisions in jobs the past two months made their number right on the nose.

And Census workers?

They added just 48,000.

And now, the "Oh My" crowd, who were saying that interest rates would move up too much if the job number was too hot, and snuff out the economy, are once again left holding the bag.

But has the "Oh My" crowd ever even been right once since 666?

And now, they have to fight PE expansion!

Oh My!!!


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

business Insider says : 11 Worrisome Indicators That Scream Market

I believe the stock market will be crucified, but later it will resurrect! Praise God! Happy easter!

do u think apple will go up from here? I'm tempted to take another bite. who is buying an ipad?

Anonymous said...

Funny the preferred of mpg is solidly in a recovery but not for the common.
The common looks like it wants to reverse its recent bump.
You'd think with the preferred getting firmer month by month, the common would too.
can't figure this stuff out.