Sunday, January 17, 2010

Vikings crush the big mouth Cowboys 34-3!!!!

4 TDs for 4!!

3 TDs, and 141 yards for Sidney Rice!


And Favre's 4th TD pass is with less than two minutes left! Oh boy--make a "controversy" about that!

The Cowboys said it was time for Favre to have one of "those days" again.

Let's see:

15-24, 234 yards, 4 TD's  134.4 rating.

Really! It looks like it's safe for Romo to date Jessica Simpson again!

But the Vikings will need all of today and more against the Saints for the NFC game!

And in the locker room after the game, Favre leads the Vikings with a round of "Pants on the Ground!"
Now if Kim could just break up with Reggie before the game....


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the hell out of this game, and the Jets / Chargers. It's such a pleasure to see the Cowboys lose. It makes my day, and quite frankly, it will make my week. I couldn't find a Cowboy fan today - they're all in hiding!


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