Friday, January 8, 2010

Taking some STLD

Whoa Nellie!!! Anyone see the move in X? JPM upped it's target to 75 from 55. And what happened to Wednesday's pimp on CNBC? Who told you to sell X, and instead buy the Brazilian steel companies?

Where's that shill?

Who left you out of this monster move?

Oh--we found him!

Here's Brian Kelly, of Kanundrum Capital touting you to sell X! All dressed up, and pimping a story that costs you money! Heck--don't make it easy--we need to make our fees. It's too easy just to go online and put in a buy order for X! You need our proprietary research!

Says who? Him? Hah!

Sold to you!

At least I called him on the carpet, when it happened! That day! And touted X to 93.

Wait--that doesn't look so crazy now, does it?

He does, however have a blog. So if you really want to get some cutting edge research--go take a look. And then, make up your own mind!

I want to be fair here. I don't want you to think he's just another shill on bubblevision trying to keep you from making money!

You make up your own mind!

So look at Steel Dynamics. STLD. It's just a bit above 20, and it looks to go higher!

Heck, they're even building a new plant!

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