Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Mother Merrill touts X to 80, upgrades the steel names and targets

They also maintain buys on Steel Dynamics and Cliffs Natural Resources.

And if anyone is dumping the material names because of Alcoa, which never could shoot straight--then your logic is wrong.

AA cut back so drastically because they thought they were going out of business, and then management patted themselves on the back for the recovery.

So AA had some costs that they had to absorb.

Heck, Paul O'Neil used to run Alcoa--so why would anyone use that as a proxy?

In any event, the X bulls thank you for the stock this morning!

And in credit land, the CDS on AA have tightened, leading Zero Hedge to give the erroneous conclusion that stock prices have already discounted the recovery.

Alcoa went down, because they didn't have control of costs, and CDS tightened because they paid down $700+ million of debt, and they were cash flow positive.

What is with these bears? Always seeing the shadowy, scary picture, all gussied up in intellectual gobbledygook!


Anonymous said...

wow...why did the columbian company take a 20% drop today?

Anonymous said...

What options are you playing with STLD?

You said they were cheap a few days ago. Now they're cheaper.

Anonymous said...

boy it's not easy being a holder of LIZ

Anonymous said...

Hey Palmoni,

I just read through the new 8k filing from that Colombian co.
This short paragraph caught my attention "We successfully raised $3,173,000 in our last private placement which closed in October 2009. We are currently in the process of pursuing a $20,000,000 capital raise through a private placement offering."

Have any ideas who the investor(s) might be and how close is it to being finalized?

They are also ordering the 2 crawling drill units and it should arrive sometime in March. I'm taking it that the technical survey should be completed sometime in May for the Zaragoza project?

How significant is the San Pablo Mine? I read that it is shut down to do upgrades to expand its capacity.

Are there any other properties/projects that the company might undertake that wasn't mentioned in the filing? Thanks!

Palmoni said...

2 million shares at 10

Palmoni said...

Find out who plays bridge with Bill Gates

Anonymous said...

It can't really be him! $20 million is like chump change to him unless you are referring to the woman.

Anonymous said...

are we just getting a short term correction here?

Anonymous said...

how far do you think AXL will fall back before heading back up? looking to get in but having a hard time finding an extry point. thanks

Palmoni said...

Not the Nebraskan partner, but a very substantial one nevertheless

Palmoni said...

I think the correction ended about 20 minutes ago

Palmoni said...

STLD Feb 20s