Thursday, January 14, 2010

Cocaine in the Space Shuttle hangar

Coke was found in the space shuttle hangar at Kennedy Space Center.

And no Kennedy's were there.

Next thing you know, the TSA will be screening NASA!


Anonymous said...

Palmoni: The company on the Fox video is Valley Forge Composite, VLFY, $1.60 and up 20% today on huge volume. Do you know anything about it?

I found this on the yahoo message board about it. Do you know if that is credible?

"For the sake of argument, assume ODIN sells for $1M and THOR for $5M. Since they haven't sold any yet, let's write off this year. If they sell 250 ODINs and 100 THORs in 2011 that is $750M in sales. Further assuming a conservative 25% profit margin, that is $187.5M in earnings. With 50M shares outstanding that is a $3.75 EPS. With a very conservative PE of 20 that results in a stock price of $75."

The video said that they could be selling the scanners in a couple weeks, in the US.


always appreciate your blog and posts and opinions

Palmoni said...

You mean VLYF?

Anonymous said...

Stock is at 2. starting to move