Saturday, January 9, 2010

NFL Playoff Odds

Date & Time      Favorite             Spread        Underdog       Total  
1/9 4:30 ET     At Cincinnati          -2.5           NY Jets            34   
1/9 8:00 ET     At Dallas                -3.5          Philadelphia      45   
1/10 1:00 ET    At New England     -3.5           Baltimore         43   
1/10 4:40 ET    Green Bay             -1.5           At Arizona        47.5

Best bet? The Packers with the over. Then New England.

And as far as today's action?

I think the Jets are pretenders, and though I'd like to get behind the Reef's girl prediction, (that's Dallas QB Romo #9 on her thong)  I think the game will be closer than three.

So I have to take the points.

1 comment:

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