Thursday, January 14, 2010

Intel cleanly beats estimates

Gross margin higher than expected, revenue higher, profits higher and the future brighter and better than Wall Street's dim forecast.

Margins are even higher than expected, and so are forward estimates versus the street.

Intel Fourth-Quarter Net Income $2.3 Billion, Up 875%

Fourth-Quarter Results

* Revenue $10.6 Billion, up $2.3 Billion and 28% Year-over-Year
* Record Gross Margin of 65%, up 12 Points Year-over-Year
* Operating Income $2.5 Billion, up $958 Million and 62% Year-over-Year
* Net Income $2.3 Billion, up $2.0 Billion and 875% Year-over-Year
* EPS 40 Cents, up 36 Cents Year-over-Year

Fourth-Quarter Results, Excluding the Settlement Agreement with AMD

* Non-GAAP Operating Income $3.7 Billion, up $2.2 Billion and 143% Year-over-Year
* Non-GAAP Net Income $3.1 Billion, up $2.3 Billion and 267% Year-over-Year
* Non-GAAP EPS 55 Cents, up 40 Cents Year-over-Year

Check out this report on INTC by Citi. It perfectly displays Wall Street's attitude and opinion on this stock. Compare that to what INTC said and did today.

The report was titled, "Curb your Enthusiasm."

And once again, Wall Street missed.

They curbed their enthusiasm instead of embracing it!

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