Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy New Year Bulls!!!!


Where are the bears now? Beside getting spanked!!!!! 800% on WYNN calls in two days!! Whoa Nellie!!! And you don't think they're not going to squeeze LVS higher! Kaboom!!

Oh wait. I'm supposed to be sour! The market isn't supposed to be doing this!

Meanwhile the bears still try in vain to fight the bull!

As advertised!!!!!


Anonymous said...

How about a cheap option play, for those of us who missed out on.... 800%!!!!. Damn it.

Also, you still in the shippers? PRGN has pulled back, but looks like it might run again.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the amazing call Palmoni! You truly have a gift and thank you for sharing your thoughts to us small guys!

Anonymous said...

Palmoni, could you please help me in my fantasy Playoff draft?

we can get one player per team..

was wondering who your NFC and AFC teams were to play in the super bowl.

i have the #3 pick out of 8

Anonymous said...

yesterday you told me that you liked MNI...it's up another 8% today...do you know what is driving these media guys up?

also do you have a target for MNI? it's broken about 4 finally.

Anonymous said...

Rosie has another article, time for you to start making fun of him. One, two, three - go!

Anonymous said...

RIMM back to pre earnings levels here, what are we missing? At 12x forward earnings, this would be instantly accretive to MSFT.

why do you figure its lagging so bad?

palmoni said...

I'm tossing the Saints but probably because I have an emotional interest in the Pack and Vikings!

All the GOOG news is probably hurting RIMM