Monday, January 18, 2010

Google hacked itself

The backpedal already begins, as GOOG is now acknowledging the possibility that its own employees were the ones that hacked themselves.

How about the handjob GOOG gave Wall Street last week? When it was an inside job?

While the company is still investigating, another person familiar with the matter said Google believes the attacks would have been successful whether or not the company had a presence in China.

Ohhh. Really? GOOG just now figured that out? I thought they were going to leave China--just like Bankers would leave London, or New York, if their earnings were taxed!


Remember how Wall Street told you to "sell" this number on this news from China?



Anonymous said...

After reading "Market Ticker" today and seeing that D is concerned about his being targeted by China for hacking, I have to take him off of my reading list. He exhibits classic "conspiracy theorist" behavior. Smart guy, but don't want to get sucked into crazy land.

After last Friday I am adopting a new rock solid personal rule: I will not hold front month call options past Monday on OpEx week. I got killed on 200 contracts for INTC Jan 21s after being up 100% at Thursday close. But, thanks to you, I made a small fortune the week before on X Jan 60s.

STT should be up so much more after they report. It's trading at about a 10 P/E going forward. Any thoughts?


Palmoni said...

I think the concerns will be overblown once earnings come out Wednesday, and hopefully the stock pops. Northern Trust reports the same day, and I think they'll be good, so we should have the backing for a rally with a good number

Anonymous said...

Bears are stupid. That's why they always like to go against the trend.

Don't listen to the fools.