Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The genesis of "Oh My!"

"Oh My" as my sarcasm point for the bears came from, none other, than the Wizard of Oz.

Dorothy: Do – do you suppose we'll meet any wild animals?
Tin Man: Mmm, we might.
Dorothy: Oh!
Scarecrow: Animals that – that eat straw?
Tin Man: (nonchalantly) Uh, some. But mostly lions and tigers and bears.
Dorothy: Lions?
Scarecrow: And tigers?
Tin Man: (nodding) And bears.
Dorothy: Oh!  Oh my!

The point is, you can be right about the man behind the curtain, but it will still cost you money, as it all works out together at the end.

It's just that our Government thinks that it can't fess up to the American public, because we can't handle the truth.

We already know the truth.

We just want the Fed, Timothy Geithner, and the Obama Administration to come clean, so we can go on with our daily business!

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