Thursday, January 7, 2010

CMI Rocks!!!

Oh my! Up 2.50 to 51!

Wait--wasn't this touted just two days ago? And the Jan 49 calls at .65?

All you had to do was scroll thru Wells Fargo's research to page 57, as I said--and then you got the Goldman tip, the next day, of which I laid out the script, and now today, you get the move!

But who does their homework? Those who want the free money I guess!!

All of a sudden, today Wall Street wakes up!

I advertised them as a "throwaway" because they needed to be thrown to me! I would of thought after I hit WYNN options for 800%, I'd have some company with my tout!

Wait--they are already at 2.30? Up 250% already?

Well, I used Goldman's tout on it, just to re-advertise again yesterday!

And what happened?

CMI  rocks!

As Advertised!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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