Sunday, January 17, 2010

Civil Unrest in Haiti

You here all this talk about "civil unrest" in the States when someone lifts their voice at a Tea Party, or holds up a pink sign that says give us our money back.

Get real.


This is civil unrest. Stabbing people for food, and burning bodies in the street, or piling them up to block traffic because the hospitals are empty or broken.

Tent cities?

How about hospitals that are tent cities, because the hospital that was, is now gone.

No water, no power and no food, and a supply line that looks like this.

And those that die? Here's their grave.

The hearse is a dumptruck, and the funeral mourners are other corpses.

Wall Street talks about civil unrest and Armageddon happening if their bonus will be cut.

That tells you how much Wall Street knows about Armageddon.

This lady knows more about Armageddon, than any Wall Street banker.

But how can they walk in her shoes, if they can't even give some of their bonus money that they didn't even earn, that they stole from you---to help?


Anonymous said...

I feel like we are looking into a window of our country's fate .The pic's are horrifying and sad .

Anonymous said...

Yeah it's a very sad place. That's what happens when you have over population on limited space such as an island. Now imagine these places when oil imports to the islands decline to zero.

Anonymous said...

"That's what happens when you have over population on limited space such as an island' --always making excuses for the magical negroes

Unknown said...

This is what happens when people are passive and let politicians turn into mobsters. And after a few years of economy going into the toilet, a natural disaster strikes.

whydibuy said...

Exactly right, anon.

Negroes are still primative caveman in my opinion. The wild side emerges at every opportunity that comes along. Let an american city lose power for a day or two and the savages are out in force doing this to the city.

Yeah, tell me how racist I am but don't try to dispute the reality. You know you can't and thats why the libs talk about integration while staying safely in ther suburbs away from the animals.

Unknown said...

I wasn't aware of how bad my own country was until i read these comments. Are you kidding? Reality? Mr. "whydibuy", you need a serious reality check. Racism buries our people in graves deeper than that of the pictures we have just witnessed. And its people like you that keep America stagnant while other countries can prosper without debt. Read a damn book and keep yourself busy. As far as I'm concerned you're a flight risk...mentally.