Monday, October 12, 2009

NABE declares the recession is over

Wait--What happened to the Great Depression II?

The bears, now don't even have a recession!!!

And get this--There is actually some policy makers that are thinking ahead!



Anonymous said...

Are you still holding GCI or should we unload some today

Palmoni said...

I exercised my October calls and flipped the stock.

I still have some November calls though.

Anonymous said...

where do you see gci it heading by year end?

also, love the picture...i have the picture framed in my living room..."bad boys of the artic"

Anonymous said...

will short interest still potentially drive this stock up?

Anonymous said...

also, since they preannounced already would earnings release have any upside?

Palmoni said...

GOOG reports Thursday after the close. I think we'll see a return of advertising--and that perception is already there.

GCI problems are hotel newspapers. I still think GCI is heading higher, but I had a real good profit on my Oct calls so I took it.

I don't think the shorts get let off easy, as the people buy GCI were doing it for the turn.

But GCI always has these 10% pullbacks, and then they seem to run it again.

Anonymous said...

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