Friday, October 30, 2009

Harmon at 40!! As advertised!!

Finally we get the move!

Here is their earnings report.

And today, the jokers from RBC put a target on HAR of 42, instead of 22--now that its 40!

So today I'm selling it. 23 to 40. I'll leave something for somebody else!

On their upgrade.

Just like I sold GRMN when Goldman took it off their Conviction sell list at 38, after it almost doubled in their face.

That number then tumbled.

Because stock prices means something on Wall Street.

Except to the analysts!


Anonymous said...

so what's going on today? down a's like yesterday didn't matter? are the bears back?

Anonymous said...

Does the economic data change this much over a 24hour period?? Hah!

Anonymous said...

i wish i sold yesterday...

Palomni let us know your thoughts


Palmoni said...

The market is saying that Wednesday's selling was reality, and not an outlier like Thursday's rally.

I don't know about this action. It's not good.

Goldman tells you the story. That's the market's confidence in this administration and the banks.

And it's going down.

Now the IBM executive tipee to Galleon is now forced to leave IBM immediately?

Maybe the impenetrable insider trading ring at Goldman is going to be exposed?

The only thing I can say that we know is true--is that the financials balance sheets are a work of fiction.

And that the people at Goldman Sachs are thieves.

Maybe the market is just recognizing that.

So f*ck it--I reshorted and bought puts on some of these financials even though yesterday I had closed those positions out.

At least this time, I'll let it play out.

The movement in the VIX would indicate that the fear out there is now real--

And if Goldman goes down, where are these other financials going with their phony balance sheets?

I thought they could pretend that the emperor was wearing clothes.

This time, it seems as though they see that Sir Lloyd is out there naked and shivering in the cold.

Anonymous said...

are you selling your other longs?

Anonymous said... think we're going down some more monday and next week?

Anonymous said...

i feel like crap today...i decided to hold off unloading yesterday but today i just said i had enough...bought know what that means...the market will now go up for a long time!

how are you Palmoni? and feed back would be great...let me know what your looking for this weekend? if selling was real weds...this might be the start of a down trend?

Palmoni said...

Don't feel like crap--there is money to be made.

But it's from the short side