Monday, October 19, 2009

Apple Blows Away Estimates Again

Like what else is new?

AAPL without subscription accounting earned over $3 for the quarter!!!

But didn't you get the buy on AAPL here, on January 15th? At less than 80 in the pre-market?

Wait--That isn't David Rosenberg math!

Because AAPL was only touted here, and here, and here with their phony guidance, and here to 225, and here.......

But let's look at the WSJ story on Apple on July 21, when they said this bullsh*t:

But if you are investor in this stock, brace yourself for a dose of reality. The shares' best days are surely behind them. Future returns will be much more modest -- and the risks will be greater.

Apple stock is not especially expensive: Perhaps 26 times forecast earnings. That's still not dirt cheap, and you'll need to see fair amount of growth to justify the price.
But many markets are looking saturated, and competition is heating up.

At least someone at that time, told the WSJ to go to hell. Whoops. It was this blog. Here! As Advertised!

Best days are surely behind them?

Now you know the WSJ's definition of best days behind them!

How did that work, keeping you out of the stock at $151?  $50 points--IN THEIR FACE!!!!!!

Maybe the WSJ tag teamed with Fran Tarkenton to get advice.

After all, didn't he say Brett Favre's hiring by Minnesota was a giant mistake?

Boo Yahh Baby!!!!!!!!!

If only Wall Street was as accountable as Football!!!

So I'll remind them.

Because Wall Street forgets!!


Anonymous said...

just wanted to praise you that your GELYF is up about 30% or so from when you touted....

bought some at $ you think it's worth loding more up at $0.39?

Anonymous said...

Good Call Mr. Manna

Unbelievable… rimm needs to start selling $3000 Laptops!

Anonymous said...

Remember the get with the program mode for stocks is still a bearish slant on everything. So true to form, here comes the ever present warning of dire futures and dark clouds. Analysts are way to pessimistic and it shows in alot of stocks lately with very low projected stock prices 12 months out. So many have crossed their 12 month target it is getting silly. Over exuberance?? No. Just good old fashioned pessimism.

Palmoni said...

I know--A boutique firm had the stock for sale last week---I was going to re-advertise it, but I'm glad you put it up!

Anonymous said...

so where do you see GELYF heading from .39? i don't know a lot about it but any more info to see if it's worth a reload at .39 would be helpful...hopefully i can get in tomorrow if that's what you're sayin.

Anonymous said...

how come in Schwab they want you to buy a min of 5000 shares where in Scottrade there is no min requirement to buy GELFY?

palmoni said...

I think GELYF will be in the 70 cent level by the end of the year