Wednesday, October 21, 2009

First they increased the price of speeding tickets; now they are selling teeth grills!

It's 10 carat gold, worn by a perp, and has topax and citrine stones.

It's appraised at $349, and the Nashville police are selling it.

The police have assured prospective buyers that it has been "thoroughly cleaned."

Whatever happened to


Anonymous said...

Palmoni, do you have any opinions on the dollar?

Everyone is so bearish I fear a merciless rally might be right around the corner.

I also fear Bernanke and Co. may orchestrate a dollar rally/stock market correction in order to help treasury auctions. They can't keep buying their own bonds forever, can they?

UUP or UDN, TLT or TBT, that's the question.

Palmoni said...

I think the dollar is getting close to a rally--because our economy is turning.

I think 1.52 against the euro is where Bennie and his bankers go ballistic

Anonymous said...

Looks like the sell off was short? Or you think we should wait for a little more consolidation?

If the dollar rallies is there any way that stocks won't go down?

palmoni said...

It's just so hard for this market to have a time correction.

Look at AAPL. The whole world laid out shorts on that name yesterday--and today its ripping.

It's just exceedingly hard to have any pullback in this environment--but I thought we would at least get a shot --but it looks like this mornings fade on the futures was all we were going to get!

Anonymous said...

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