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Friday, October 23, 2009

Microsoft blows earnings estimates away

Ballmer warned the world about the consumer double dipping, and then blows estimates out of the water.

Couple that with INTC's beat, and you have a story in technology that won't be easy to take down.

With Windows 7 on deck.


Anonymous said...

PRGN is acting better...anything...can you hook me up with one or two under 10 you like besides LIZ?

Palmoni said...

High end is doing better I like Harry Winston Diamond HWD 10.12

Anonymous said...

Holy crap the shorts in AMZN are getting steamrolled! I thought the consumers were dead :P

Anonymous said...

Whats with this mkt? AM selloffs, Noon rallies, Close selloff/rally on alternate days. Wild

Anonymous said...

yea confusing again...MSFT and AMZN are doing well but everything is going down.

palmoni said...

The market looks to be absorbing the selling very nicely.

AMZN tho is just amazing. SO much money lost by the shorts on that name.