Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Dylan Ratigan tells the truth on Goldman

For once, MSM hits it on the head again.

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And how about Goldman's charitable giving? Isn't that what the slimebag from Goldman is touting?

So take a look at Goldman's charitable contributions.

They gave out $10,083,440 dollars last year. That's why they advertised the $200 million contribution to their foundation. Last I looked, it's what you give out that counts.

So here it is--but I'll give some highlights if you don't want to scroll through the 74 pages

And you'll notice where Goldman's money goes. To their alma mater, or the private schools that their kids attend or play soccer. As long as something is in it for Goldman:

Amherst $40,000
Berean Academy $50,000
Boston College $200,000
Charles River School $65,000
Christ Church Day School $60,000
Cornell $128,000
Duke $245,000
Friends of Grace Church School $40,000
Friends of the Doon School $60,000
Georgian Court University $100,000
Gettysburg College $75,000
Grassroot Soccer $50,000
Greenwich County Day School $50,000
Horace Mann School $30,000
Little Red School House $50,000
Northfield Mount Hermon School $100,000
Pacific Ridge Schoool $211,656
Harvard $331,000 (to offset their swap losses)
Rumson County Day School $210,000
Sierra Canyon High School $125,000
Stanford $150,000
Texas A&M $110,000
Dartmouth $55,000
Grinnell College $100,000
Princeton $238,000
University of Pennsylvania $246,189
University of Chicago $180,000
Notre Dame $130,000

And since Hank Paulson liked bird watching so much, they threw in $190,000 to the Nature Conservancy

But they did contribute elsewhere.
$2,000 to Kids n Crisis
$1,000 to Habitat for Humanity
$1,000 to Cystic Fibrosis
$1,500 to Big Brothers and Sister of NY


But did you see how Wall Street sold stock when you had the WFC downgrade by Bove, and the 90% paycut for the bankers at the Uncle Sam firms?

From the WSJ:

WASHINGTON -- The U.S. pay czar will slash compensation for the 25 highest-paid employees at seven firms receiving large sums of government aid and demand a host of corporate-governance changes at those firms, according to people familiar with the matter.

Kenneth Feinberg, the Treasury Department's special master for compensation, will lower total compensation for 175 employees by an average of 50%, these people said. As expected, the biggest cut will be to salaries, which will drop 90% on average.

Hell-- I thought the "best and the brightest" would flee.

Let the European banks hire them then!

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Anonymous said...

Yeah. Wall Street wants to scare the market. They threatened depression when they needed a bailout. Now they will threaten a market correction and W shaped recovery IF their payouts are cut.