Monday, October 19, 2009

Targets are close to getting hit!!

OK--What now?

I advertised 10,270 on the Dow, a 43% move for the NASDAQ this year, and a closing print of the S&P at 1120.92.

And those were formalized numbers months after I had already declared them, except in the case of the S&P, where I had originally advertised 1040, in the nadir of the market's swan down!

And of course, when these targets were originally made, everyone though they were just a joke.

Looks like the joke is on somebody else!!

Which, I suppose, isn't bad, since I started advertising at 666!

But if you have been following me, you know I have advertised 1440 on the S&P by June of next year.

So for all those who keep asking me where the S&P is heading you already have my targets for  this year.

Heck, Apple sandbags--Why can't I?

But what do I see by June of 2010 on the S&P?


Just so no one forgets!

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