Friday, October 23, 2009

Credit Suisse upgrades Medicis

They now see something they like, and give it a target of 29.

Take a look at that six month chart. When do you think Wall Street Manna touted that name?

How about on July 24, when it was under 16--right before it moved!

As advertised!

But isn't that how Wall Street works with their top down or bottoms up analysis?

The top down analysts upgrade their forecasts when they see the economy is getting better. The bottom up analysts are supposed to look at the companies prospects, but instead they upgrade them when their propsects are getting better because the macro environment is improving.

But it's a way to talk smack!

Which is why you need to take a look at Gavin Newsom's eyes at my Medicis tout.

As the mayor of San Francisco, you'll see that he prefers the top down analysis.

Even though his constituents take the bottoms up approach!

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