Monday, October 26, 2009

The number is 6,999 (Rmb mn) not 7,000!

Or so says Goldman on Baidu! Do you see their revenue estimate for 2010? Give me a break. Just another spreadsheet created work of fiction.

Look at the chart. Isn't that enough already?

Does anybody really think these "earnings estimates" really mean much? The company gives them the guidance, and then, if the company misses, doesn't that mean its heading down?

I'll take the Zero Hedge side versus Goldman! And take the sell price with the 433 print on the close! (Disregard the 377 print in the after-hours. This is Wall Street math!)

So look then, for the downgrades on this number tomorrow!


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Anonymous said...

late on thos one bro, can not tout this one. Whats your down target on bidu?