Thursday, October 22, 2009

Dole Foods IPO prices at $12.50

The symbol of course is DOLE. And it's being priced in the hole, versus the $15 expected.

But Goldman's on the cover--so it might be worth a scalp.


Anonymous said...

Better pictures Palmoni. Did you hear Cramers hatchet job on EQNX today (a bunch of bull. I put it in my blog). Man, i wish the SEC would send him the Galleon way.

Any view on the homebuilders?

Anonymous said...

where do you think LIZ will run to?

palmoni said...

I think u r right that Cramer probably got the short story somewhere because I never heard him mention it before

palmoni said...

If I went by the charts LIZ looks like a breakout to double digits.

The stock just plods up slowly and then all of a sudden you realize you are up nicely on it

Anonymous said...

you don't think they will have any more debt issues and that their sales will be strong for next earnings?