Thursday, October 29, 2009

3.5% Q3 GDP

Will Denninger wear his clown suite? He said he would go on CNBC, and wear a clown suit if we printed positive GDP growth for Q3.

I took him up on that bet.

That's one bet we'll never see cashed!


Genesis said...

Heh Jackass!

Did you READ the original post?

I'll bet you're wrong - not a snowball's chance in hell The Recession is over on or before September. We'll go with the NBER's official claim (even though I'd argue its flawed.)

Has the NBER declared the recession over?

That's what I thought.

And Krugman was the one I offered the bet to - he didn't take it.

Palmoni said...

I know you offered it to Krugman.

He wouldn't take the bet because he's a pussy!

And did I READ the original post?

How could I not? I always read your stuff. It's good!

But I appreciate the salutation.

Because it goes perfectly with my recession eulogy post!